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Pedal Exchange

Welcome to Pedal Exchange at Mega Music!

We’ve all experienced that feeling of longing for a new guitar effects pedal, only to find you have several pedals you’re not using from a brief period of experimentation with a black metal, jazz fusion trio. If only you could exchange those no-longer-required pedals for a discount on a shiny, new pedal for your revised musical direction.

Well, now you can…

How can I save money on a new guitar pedal?

  1. Buy a guitar pedal from a Mega Music store.
  2. Use it until you no longer require it.
  3. Return that pedal to Pedal Exchange at Mega Music.
  4. Purchase a new pedal and receive 40% of the previous purchase price off* your new pedal.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Pedal Exchange Staff at Mega Music

Give us a call on 1300 194 542