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95 North Lake Road
Myaree WA 6154
The Mega Music Wangara storefront


5/32 Prindiville Drive
Wangara WA 6065


We love our percussion at Mega Music.

You can tell because in our stores you'll see a nice range of tambourines, djembes, congas, bongos, cajons and many weird and wonderful things to beat, shake and the like.

And they are just as easily purchased here online, so browse and shop or come in and talk percussion with our friendly staff.

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Angel AX-27K Glockenspiel

A glockenspiel perfect for someone just starting out.

CPK ED448 Maracas

Affordable maracas perfect for any occasion!

CPK ED800 Plastic Egg Shaker

CPK Plastic Egg Shaker- colours may vary

Gibraltar GI7716 Bongo Stand

Bongo stand with adjustable clip mount and elliptical legs.
In stock - ready to ship

LP LP007 Rock Cowbell

Specifically designed with drummers in mind who just want to rock out with a cowbell in the mix.

LP LP007BD Bell Diablo Cowbell

A rock cowbell with an eye catching design.

LP LP008 Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell

Reduce ware and tear while also dampening the sound.

LP LP009TB Travis Barker Cowbell

Rock out on a tambourine that Travis Barker would be proud to use. For drummers who are a fan of Blink 182.

LP LP1207T Jam Tambourine

A Jam Tambourine: A Jambourine. A mountable block tambourine to last any hard hitting drummer.

LP LP1427 Americana Groove Cajon

Made solid in the good old USA - cruise with a cajon.

LP LP150 Cyclops Black Handheld Tambourine

A comfortable tambourine with a cutting sound.

LP LP151 Cyclops Red Handheld Tambourine

A comfortable tambourine with a cutting sound in a stylish red colouring.

LP LP152 Cyclops White Handheld Tambourine

A comfortable tambourine with a cutting sound in a stylish white colouring.

LP LP160 Cyclops Black Mount Tambourine

A great sounding and durable tambourine to mount onto a kit.

LP LP204B Deluxe Black Beauty Cowbell

Similar to the Black Beauty, this cowbell has a striking chrome finish, with a brighter sound to match.

LP LP205 Timbale Cowbell

A larger, rounded cowbell that sounds right at home in Funk.

LP LP311H One Handed Triangle Bob

Free up your holding/muffling hand while playing this one handed triangle.

Mano Percussion 714 7+8 inch Two-tone Bongos

CRAZY PRICE - until sold out! Natural bongo set.

Mano Percussion Cajon ABS Finger Shaker

Easy to use shaker that attaches to your fingers.

Mano Percussion DB284 Double Block Samba Bell

Gig Block Samba Bell. ABS double gig block.

Mano Percussion Hardwood Round Claves

Great sounding claves for any occasion.

Mano Percussion MP1769 Cuban Bongos - Sunburst

Get your Cuban on with these bright bongos.
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