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Percussion Stands & Accessories

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Gibraltar GI7716 Bongo Stand

Bongo stand with adjustable clip mount and elliptical legs.

Promark SH516 Sabar Timbale Drumsticks

Promark 516 Sabar Timbale sticks are designed for incredible response and easy grip. The smaller diameter makes them perfect for lighter playing.

Promark TH716 Timbale Drumsticks

The Promark 716 Timbale stick is designed for incredible response and easy grip. The medium diameter offers great balance.

Tama CBA5 Cowbell Holder

Tama CBA5 Cowbellholder L-Rod with MC5 Multiclamp fitted for 10mm Diameter Boom

Tama CBA56 Cowbell Attachment

Attachment for mounting a cowbell or a small percussion having 3/8" diameter mounting hole onto existing cymbal stand.

Tama CBH-20 Cowbell Holder for Bass Drum

Attachment for mounting a cowbell onto the bass drum.

Tama LCB Cowbell Rod

This is an L-shaped rod used for setting the percussion instruments such as an agogo bell or cowbell in combination with the MC5 or MC66.

Tama MT68ST Mini Steel Timbales

Twin steel timbales in 6 inch and 8 inch.

Vater VCS Cajon Brush

Classy brush/stick element for use on Cajón drums and world drumming instruments.

Percussion Book - Fundamental Studies for Mallets by Garwood Whaley

A percussion book which integrates reading, technique, and memorisation of familiar tunes. All basic keys are used, and the student is prepared for ensemble performance.
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