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Percussion Sticks & Mallets

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Promark Performer Series Timpani Mallets - Maple

Promark PST3 general maple timpani mallets feature a German felt parachute-style covering for a warm, articulate sound on all sides of the mallet.

Promark SH516 Sabar Timbale Drumsticks

Promark 516 Sabar Timbale sticks are designed for incredible response and easy grip. The smaller diameter makes them perfect for lighter playing.

Promark TH716 Timbale Drumsticks

The Promark 716 Timbale stick is designed for incredible response and easy grip. The medium diameter offers great balance.

Vater VCS Cajon Brush

Classy brush/stick element for use on Cajón drums and world drumming instruments.

Vic Firth MS1 Corpsmaster Snare Drumsticks

Full oval tip and short taper bring out the dark sounds on drums and cymbals.

Vic Firth Roger Carter Signature Corpsmaster Snare Drum Marching Drumsticks

A durable marching stick that plays like a drumset stick. A long taper unlocks the groove and stylistic flow Roger and his groups are known for. The round tip works together with the taper to create a focused sound over a wide dynamic range.

Zildjian Timbale Sticks Natural

Versatile, all-around percussion stick.

Mike Balter 62R Yellow Mushroom Head Marimba Mallets (Pair)

Medium hard head and birch handle.

Mike Balter 04R Light Green Rubber Mallet

Great mallet for marimba designed for response, clarity, control and sensitivity.

Innovative Percussion IP902 James Ross Red Xylophone Mallet (Pair)

Medium hardness, a great all round xylophone mallet with red rubber round head and rattan handle.

Mike Balter 83R Contemporary Medium Marimba Mallets

Great on the full range of the marimba. These mallets are light-weight, dual-tonal, wool yarn wound series provides improved dexterity and smooth rolling for today's accomplished marimba soloist.

Vic Firth T1 General Timpani Mallets (Pair)

Timpani mallets for all-around playing. Produces rich sound yet is capable of rhythmic clarity.

Vic Firth T2 Cartwheel Timpani Mallets (Pair)

Very soft. Ideal for soft rolls, legato strokes and the richest sounds.

Vic Firth T3 Staccato Timpani Mallets (Pair)

Medium hard for rhythmic articulation.

Vic Firth T4 Ultra Staccato Timpani Mallets (Pair)

Hard. Produces the clearest rhythmic projection of the felt models.

Vic Firth T6 Custom General Timpani Mallets (Pair)

Larger and heavier than a T1. Produces an enormous sound.

DXP DBT218 Timpani Mallet Hard Felt Head

Designed for strong articulation on timpani drums.
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