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Powered PA Subwoofers

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Yamaha DXS12MKII 12 inch Powered PA Subwoofer (1020 Watt)

The new DXS12mkII subwoofer is equipped with an upgraded 1020W power amplifier producing an impressive 134dB and reaching as low as 42Hz producing clean, clear, heart-stopping bass that defies its lightweight construction.
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Yamaha DXS15MKII 15 inch Powered PA Subwoofer (1020 Watt)

The new DXS15mkII subwoofer is capable of producing tight, thunderous low frequencies as low as 40Hz and a maximum SPL of 135dB. This updated model's optimized band-pass design and state-of-the-art DSP ensure the extremely high power output is focused, powerful and distortion-free.
$1,499.00 $1179
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Yamaha DXS18 18 inch Powered PA Subwoofer (1020 Watt)

The new DXS18 subwoofer achieves best in class SPL of up to 136dB and delivers the lowest frequency 32Hz in the lineup. Equipped with a band-pass type enclosure and high power handling 4-inch voice coil magnet that drives the 18-inch woofer, the Class-D amplifier delivers 1020W of power with exceptional clarity and accuracy.
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Behringer Eurolive B1200D PRO 12 inch Powered Subwoofer (500 Watt)

The EUROLIVE B1200D packs everything there is to love about these powerful systems into a more compact, easy to transport enclosure, making them ideal for small- to mid-sized venues. Armed with a 500-Watt Class-D amplifier and a host of truly professional features, these little brutes crank out tons of tight, low-end punch—with the definition and clarity typically reserved for much larger systems. 
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Behringer Eurolive VP1800S 18 inch Unpowered Subwoofer (1600 Watt)

The Behringer VP1800S is a professional 1600-Watt 18" PA Subwoofer perfect for pairing with other Behringer VP range speakers. Designed for musicians by musicians, the VP1800S subwoofer merges incredible sonic performance with amazing affordability. The VP1800S is supremely portable and well suited for musical applications, and is the natural choice for commercial installation.
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Bose B1 Bass Module Bass Speaker

This compact, powerful bass enclosure delivers the depth and impact of such instruments as bass guitars, drums and low voices.

Bose B2 Bass Module Bass Speaker

The B2 bass module delivers the most low-frequency output for L1® system users who need more powerful bass for larger audiences.

Bose F1 Subwoofer (1000 Watts)

Can combine with the F1 Model 812 for a complete PA system. With 1,000 watts of power, the Bose® F1 Subwoofer packs all the performance of a larger bass box into a more compact design that’s easier to carry and fits in a car.

EV EKX-18SP Powered Subwoofer

The latest in speaker technology comes your way with EV's EKX series.

EV ETX-15SP Powered Subwoofer

Want the premium portable PA powered speaker? Get an EV ETX Series.

EV ETX-18SP Powered Subwoofer

Want the premium portable PA powered speaker? Get an EV ETX Series.
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