As New

As if it came out of the box yesterday, the only thing making it pre-loved is the price!


Items that have come from the shop floor. Either ex-display or returned by a customer. Sometimes these can have small marks but for the most part, represent a bargain if you can do without that brand-new feeling. These items normally carry a full warranty.


No marks or issues, like new but…well… not.

Near Mint

Close to mint, may have the odd small blemish but otherwise in great shape.


In great condition, obvious signs of wear that are normal and expected for its relative age but nevertheless a great example of the product in question. Normally a mark here and there but nothing unexpected.

Very Good

A product that shows signs of wear and tear, well-loved but also just as well-used. No major problems impacting operation but certainly looking like your uncle’s prized guitar that gets dragged to all the family do’s. Obvious marks and battle scars.


A bit beaten up, finish and fit may be worn but overall performance is fine. The kind of find you expect to find at a garage sale, very obvious marks and blemishes.


Similar to good but with some issues – a wrap here, a buckle there. Still usable but maybe more for the pool room than the stage. Deep marks, heavy wear and tear with some problems that keep it from being either reliable or considered fully-functional.


Not something we would consider playable without some repairs. Cosmetically unsightly….for the DIYers. A bargain if you are adept at fixing things!