1. All items purchased by Mega Music are subject to review by our buyers. Inspection of goods is in no way a commitment to purchase.

2. All inspections are done in a view of appraising goods in accordance with the business needs. Valuation does not reflect professional market evaluation.

3. Sales to Mega Music are indicative of the seller accepting liability that all goods are safe for use.

4. Sales to Mega Music are indicative of the seller accepting liability for any loss imparted on Mega Music for damages that occurred using/selling product to a third party.

5. All items sold to Mega Music must be belonging to the party selling. The party selling cannot act as an agent for a third party. Any damages incurred to Mega Music as a result of the selling party acting as an agent, either known or unknown, to the original owner of the goods will be transferred to the agent.

6. All sales are final. Mega Music is not responsible for change of mind after the fact.

7. All second-hand products carry a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase.

8. All second-hand products sold under the Mega Music Pre-loved sub-brand are beholden to all ACCC rules and regulations.

9. Mega Music is a responsible re-seller. We commit to following all associate laws and regulations in the purchasing and reselling of second-hand goods.

10. Mega Music is an authorised licensee of purchasing and reselling second-hand goods.

11. All goods will be held for 14 days before transfer to our selling platform in compliance with current national law. Mega Music accepts no liability and/or damages pertaining to ownership of said goods before 14 days after the date of purchase.