Preamps & AD Converters

Need to boost, enhance or adjust a signal coming in, or need a quick converter that handles digital, audio and more?

Check out Mega Music's preamps and AD converters.

If you don't see a product you are looking for, please contact us. We stock a huge range and not all products are on our website.
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Avalon V5 Pure Class A DI-RE-Microphone Preamplifier

Journey to sonic excellence with a preamp that captures the detail.

Avalon VT737sp Class A Studio Tube PreAmplifier

Simply one of the best tube preamps around - 2015 Reader's Choice Winner

Avid Eleven Rack with Pro Tools

The guitarist's best friend.

Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre 18x20 Thunderbolt Interface

Ready for a higher class of interface? Check out the Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre.

Focusrite ISA 8-Channel ADC: Card for ISA430 MK II and ISA One

A-D Converter that fits select Focusrite ISA's and offers premium performance.

Focusrite ISA One Classic Mic Preamp

Focusrite Heritage sound in the most compact of packages - single input mic preamp that pleases.

Focusrite ISA Two High Quality Preamp

If you only need two mic pre's, make them great - the ISA Two fits the bill with a Neve pedrigree at it's heart.

Focusrite ISA430MKII Single Channel Mic PreAmp

Expanded EQ and more for ultimate preamp control.

Focusrite ISA828 8-Channel Classic Microphone Pre-Amp w/ A-D Conversion

Eight classic microphone preamplifiers & class leading A/D conversion

Focusrite OctoPreMk2 8 Channel Mic Preamp w/ Digital ADAT

Time to upgrade to multiple mic pre imputs? Check out the Focusrite OctoPre Mark II.

Focusrite RedNet MP8R

8-channel remote-controlled mic pre and A/D for Dante networks

LR Baggs Para DI - Acoustic Direct Box & Preamp with 5-band EQ

A big seller - check it out at Mega Music and see why our guitarists love LR Baggs DI boxes.