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Preamps & AD Converters

Need to boost, enhance or adjust a signal coming in, or need a quick converter that handles digital, audio and more?

Check out Mega Music's preamps and AD converters.

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Behringer PP400 MicroPhono Preamp

Ultra-Compact Phono Preamp
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LR Baggs STADIUM DI Studio-Grade Bass DI for the Stage

Originally developed by the bass playing engineers at LR Baggs for their own use, the Stadium Electric Bass DI infuses your signal with a blend of studio-grade circuitry and a vibrant palette of unique, tone shaping tools.
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Shure RPM626 Inline Preamplifier Beta53 Beta91 Beta98 MC50 MC51 SM35 WBH53

In-line preamplifier boosts resistance to RF interference. In-line preamplifier for WBH53, Beta 53, Beta 91, Beta 98, MC50B, and MC51B microphones boosts resistance to RF interference.
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Tech 21 Q Strip Dual DI

The ‘60s and ‘70s are widely recognized as the heyday for professional recording console design. The EQ and preamp sections of these near-mythical vintage consoles are highly sought after, even to this day. Some of the most iconic guitar and bass tones in the history of recorded audio were tracked “direct” straight into these consoles’ channel strips.
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Trace Elliot Transit B Bass Pre Amp with Effects

The Transit™ B pedal is a professional grade preamp for the discerning bassist.
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Gallien-Krueger 500 watt Ultralite Head,SW Mode Amp, Analog Preamp

Gallien-Krueger 500 watt ultralight head, switch mode power amp, analog preamp w/ overdrive.
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Universal Audio 6176 Vintage Channel Strip Microphone Preamp

A classic tube microphone preamp and 1176LN compressor in a single unit.
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Behringer MIC300 Tube Preamp With Limiter

Audiophile Vacuum Tube Preamplifier with Limiter
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Xvive P1 Portable Phantom Power Supply

The Xvive P1 Portable Phantom Power Supply is a low-noise, 12V / 48V power supply. It runs on an internal rechargeable battery and has enough power to run high-current microphones. The P1 allows you to use microphones and devices that require external power in any setup.
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Smart Acoustic SPP200 Phono Preamp

SPP200 ensures your record player operates correctly with the rest of your gear.
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Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC500USB Preamp

Audiophile Vacuum Tube Preamplifier with Preamp Modeling Technology and USB/Audio Interface
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M-Audio MicroDAC Portable USB to Digital & Analogue Output

Portable Digital-to-Analog Converter with Analog & Coaxial Digital Outputs
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ART Tube Mic Preamp with Variable Valve Voicing

The Tube MP Studio V3 delivers warmth and fatness to any audio source while maintaining an exceptionally low-noise signal path.
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PreSonus TubePre V2 Tube Preamp

TubePre V2- Mono tube preamp (1/3U)
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ART TUBE MP Professional Tube Microphone Preamplifier and Opto Compressor-Limiter - DI

The Tube MP/C (PreAmplifier/Compressor) is a multi-purpose tool for audio engineering and recording.
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Presonus BlueTube DP V2 Mic Preamp

2 ch. tube mic-pre w/ dual path (1/2U)
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Lindell Audio 7X-500VIN Studio Preamp

The 7X-500VIN "Vintage Edition" compressor packages the sound of one of the most popular compressors of all time into a convenient and remarkably affordable API 500 Series rack module.
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Lindell Audio PEX-500VIN Studio Preamp

Drop a PEX-500VIN "Vintage Edition" all discrete equalizer into your API 500 Series compatible rack and you're in for a real sonic treat.
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Lindell Audio 6X-500VIN Studio Preamp

The 6X-500VIN "Vintage Edition" juices your 500 Series rack with a single-channel transformer-coupled mic preamp along with a passive 2-band Pultec-style equalizer.
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Tech 21 SansAmp DI-2112 Geddy Lee Signature DI

Geddy Lee has been performing without onstage amps and speakers since the Test for Echo Tour in 1996, favoring major household appliances instead.
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Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre 8ch Mic Pre-Amp with ADAT Connectivity

Scarlett OctoPre gives you eight additional inputs. It's the ideal way to expand your Scarlett – or any other interface with an ADAT input.
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Focusrite ISA ADN2 Dante A-D Card for ISA One Preamp

With the introduction of the ISA ADN2, the classic ISA mic pre can be implemented directly on a Dante network, providing console-grade preamps to the most advanced of audio networks.
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Warm Audio WAR-WA12-500 MKII Microphone Preamp

If you are looking for a preamp to improve and shape your signal you will most definitely love the WA12-500 MKII.
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ART Pro Audio Pro VLA II Two Channel Vactrol-Based Compressor

The ProVLA II is a tube driven Vactrol®-based Compressor / Leveling amplifier designed to excel in any professional audio environment. Superior performance and an incredible tone makes the ProVLA II and indispensable tool for tracking, mixing, mastering, dynamic control of live sound sources or for use in broadcast audio.
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