A-Pro Otamatone Portable Electronic Synthesizer – Pink Pig

Brand: A-Pro


The Otamatone is a synthesizer shaped like an eighth note, this one is shaped like an eighth note that is a Pig. Or a Pig that is an eighth note, we haven’t decided yet.

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How it Works

Sound is emitted from the "mouth" of the notehead. It requires both hands to play. Hold the "head" in one hand and while holding it, use your other hand to control the pitch of the melody by placing your fingers on the ribbon controller on the stem. The higher on the stem, the deeper the sound.
It has two control switches on the back of the head letting you switch between three different range levels, low, middle, and high. There is a second volume control switch below, giving you the choice to go slightly loud to louder.
Pick from any of the cute designs we have on order, Whale, Green Dino, Yellow Duck, Pink Pig, Blue Whale, Yellow Deer.


Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 40 cm

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