Achillies Argos 1×12″ 40W Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier with Jensen Speaker – Cabernet Bronco Tolex

Brand: Achillies


The Achillies Argos delivers outstanding boutique guitar tone in an impressively powerful and totally portable 1×12″ 40W combo format. With an all-tube design and plenty of tone shaping options, the Argos might be the best amplifier you’ll ever own!

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Continuing on from the full-featured head version, but packaged into a single high-octane 1x12 combo amplifier, the Achillies Argos delivers incredible boutique tone in a compact and portable form factor. While this combo takes the fundamental tone of it's head-version counterpart, the natural sound and response of the open-back design offers greater control over bass frequencies for a completely new playing experience compared to a traditional head/cab setup.

Loaded with a single Jensen Electric Nighthawk 75 Speaker, this amplifier delivers powerful and authoritative tone suitable for a vast range of genres and playing styles, and sits perfectly in mid-heavy mixes with other guitars and keyboards. If you prefer more mid-range bark, tighter low-end, and a more open and balanced tone, look no further than the Argos Combo.


  • Tube Compliment: 2x KT66 Power Tubes
  • Power Output: 40W (Switchable down to 20W)
  • Speaker Compliment: 1x 12" Jensen Nighthawk 75
  • Impedance: 4Ω/8Ω/16Ω
  • Controls
    • BASS
    • MIDDLE
    • TREBLE
    • VOLUME 1
    • VOLUME 2
    • MASTER Level
    • LINE OUT Level
    • EFFECTS LOOP Level
    • MASTER Switch
    • BRIGHT Switch
    • BLEND Switch
    • RAW Switch
    • CUT Switch
    • EDGE Switch
    • TUBE POWER Selector Switch

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 75 × 75 × 75 cm

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