Achillies Zephyr 22W 1×12 Tube Combo Guitar Amp with Jensen Speaker – Purple Crocodile Tolex

Brand: Achillies


Whether you’re looking for ultra-responsive American-style drive tones for stunning chords, or those so sought-after edge-of-breakup lead tones that pair beautifully with reverb, look no further than the Zephyr 22!

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Sonically closing the gap between perfect musical compression and the thick sound of the Zephyr 35, the Achillies Zephyr 22 is loaded with a single 12" Jensen Vintage Ceramic Speaker, which offers outstanding midrange detail and articulation, and breaks up at the perfect sweet spot for use in medium volume rehearsals and smaller venues.


  • Custom Wound U.S.A Transformers
  • Carling Switches
  • Built-in Reverb and Tremolo circuits
  • Half Power output option. The switch is located between the tubes below the chassis away from sight.
  • Achillies Caps (Made in Germany)
  • Sprague Orange Drop caps
  • Carbon Comp Resistors (Allen Bradley)
  • CTS Potentiometers
  • Aluminum Silk Screened Control Panels
  • Authentic Hand Wired Layout
  • Cloth Covered Solid Core Wiring Throughout
  • Premium Select Pine Cabinet with Birch Ply Backs and Speaker Baffle
  • Traditional Dovetail Joinery
  • Proudly Hand Built in Australia

Premium Quality, Superior Sound

Equipped with premium components and appointments, this combo offers a half-power option which allows you to halve the amplifier's power output - a welcome feature for bedroom players, or those wanting to jam out without disrupting the neighbourhood. Players familiar with Fender's iconic vintage combo will love the built-in reverb and tremolo circuits, which imparts the same texture and vintage mojo to your tone.


  • Tube Compliment
    • Power Amp: 2x 6V6
    • Preamp: 2x 12AT7, 1x 12AX7, 3x 7025
    • Rectifier: 1x GZ34
  • Power Output: 22W
  • Speaker Compliment: 1x 12" Jensen Electric Lightning 70
  • Controls - Channel 1
    • VOLUME
    • TREBLE
    • BASS
  • Controls - Channel 2
    • VOLUME
    • TREBLE
    • BASS
    • REVERB
  • Dimensions
    • 61.5cm x 24.5cm x 43.5cm
    • 16.5kg

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 65 cm

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