Artesia Legacy A250 Electronic Drum Kit – Mesh Heads

Brand: Artesia
SKU: 200260


Focusing on the re-presence of high quality acoustic drum sounds, the A-250s are capable of full-scaled performances while being affordable.

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All acoustic drum sounds are well recorded and processed by EFNOTE Japan. Excellent playability beyond the class thanks to delicately tuned sensors and sensing software.

Sound, playability, sensing, user-interface and everything you touch is tuned by EFNOTE Japan. The A-250 makes you happy to play for a long time because of its higher quality.

The newly designed compact sound module comes with simple operation and a high visibility functional panel layout.


  • Building your custom drum kits.
  • Modifying sounds by ambiance.
  • EQ/pitch/decay control.
  • Newly recorded high quality songs for playing along.
  • Extensive training support functions.
  • Quick REC function.
  • Rim-shot/side-stick switching button.
  • Practical metronome function.
  • Simple operation and high visibility.
  • Functional panel layout.
  • Dual headphone outputs (stereo phone/mini)
  • Audio input with independent volume control
  • USB Audio & USB MIDI support


  • Line Outputs (2x Phone), Phones Output (Stereo Mini)
  • Audio Input (Stereo Mini)
  • USB Audio: In/Out, USB MIDI In/Out
  • Bluetooth MIDI In/Out, 5-pin Output


  • Interface
  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Tom1
  • Tom2
  • Tom3
  • Crash
  • Crash2
  • Ride
  • Hi Hat
  • Cables

Additional information

Weight 67 kg
Dimensions 75 × 45 × 96 cm

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