Ashton SL29/12CEQBK Acoustic/Electric

Brand: Ashton
SKU: 406070

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The Ashton SL29CEQ 12-string Slimline Acoustic Guitar is an excellent choice for players looking for a thinner body and stronger midrange presence. It’s perfect for smaller-framed people giving a greater ease of playability.

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Perfect for modern guitar playing styles and the modern singer-songwriter. The cutaway allows easy access to the upper frets for playing melody lines and solos in the higher registers. It features a built-in "FISHMAN PRESYS I" preamp and pickup system with built-in electronic tuner, allowing you to play through your amplifier to an audience.


  • Slimline 12 String Body Shape with Cutaway
  • Spruce Soundboard
  • Sapele Back & Sides


  • IN THE BOX: Package Includes EMG's Exclusive Solderless Install System: 2 25K Long Shaft Volume Pots 2 25K Long Shaft Tone Pots 1  Battery Bus 1 Stereo Output Jack 1 Two Pickup In/Out Bus 2 Pair Mounting Screws and Springs 2 Pickup Cables 4 Connect Cables 1 Output Cable 1 Battery Cable

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 22 × 100 cm

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