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Audix One Piece Mic Mounting System Clamps On To All Popular Size Guitar Cabs/Amps

Brand: Audix


A great companion to the Audix i5 dynamic instrument mic, the Audix CabGrabber™ tension-fit mic holder clamps to the top or sides of amps and cabinets, ensuring secure and precise positioning.
*Photo for reference only – no amp included in purchase

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The Audix CabGrabber is lightweight and compact, it fits cabinets 8 to 14 inches in depth (CabGrabber XL fits 14- to 20-inch cabinets). Strong enough to hold microphones up to one pound, the CabGrabber is compatible with every standard mic clip and works equally well on cabinets with a flat surface or a recessed edge. Its tubular arm can rotate 180 degrees, allowing the microphone to be positioned directly over the sweet spot.

Edge mounting — The most popular position is just inside the edge of one of the speakers, within one inch of the grille cloth, with the mic axis perpendicular to the amp face. This position softens the tone somewhat. For more tone variation, angle the mic slightly off axis (but not too much or you will lose the intensity of the pickup). Toward the center — The center of the speaker produces a harsh sound and is typically not a desirable location for the microphone. However, as you move towards the center of the speaker from the edge, the tone takes on more “bite”. Move the mic from the edge towards the center to find the sweet spot. Large diaphragm microphone — In addition to holding a dynamic mic like the i5, the CabGrabber is capable of holding a large diaphragm condenser like the Audix CX112, offering another option for creating a signature sound


  • Precise microphone positioning
  • Simple, elegant, compact and easy to use
  • No tools required
  • Adjustable from 8 to 14 inches
  • Mic arm hand tightens firmly into position
  • Holds mics weighing up to 1 pound (.45 Kilos)
  • Works on cabinets with flat or recessed edge
  • Clamps to side or top of cabinet
  • Durable steel construction


  • Supplied Accessories DCLIP – Heavy-duty snap-on clip for ADX51,SCX Series, others

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 42 cm

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