Beale DP500 Upright Digital Piano with 88 Hammer Weighted Keys
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Beale DP500 Upright Digital Piano with 88 Hammer Weighted Keys

Brand: Beale
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A high quality digital piano for the piano enthusiast, featuring an 88 note fully weighted hammer action-keybed.

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The DP500 is an 88 Note Digital Piano in a beautifully crafted rosewood appearance spinet cabinet with soft closing fall board and traditional Piano pedals.

It is a feature packed digital piano with a broad sound palette, versatile arranger and performance assistance functions. With Chord dictionary, lesson songs and song recorder on board giving you comprehensive learning tools and hours of family fun.


Enjoy 500 Inspiring Factory Sounds with an extremely wide range of acoustic and electronic sounds including pianos, organs, guitars, orchestral sounds, synths, bass & drums and many more.

With a 5 Track mixer, create real-time arrangements with interactive patterns in a variety of musical genres, putting a whole backing band at your fingertips to play along with. Create arrangements with easy play single-fingered notes or fully-voiced chords.

Works with piano & guitar sounds to embellish your performance & produce idiomatic voicings. Guitar Mode helps you sound like a guitarist producing strums, broken chords & echoism. Piano mode helps you achieve difficult Piano performance skills like piano rhythm, broken chords, phrases & endings.

Split & Layer keyboard modes allow you to use 2 different sounds at the same time. Split sounds for left & right hand parts, like bass & piano or layer 2 sounds across the whole keyboard like piano & strings. Dual (Twinova) mode splits the keyboard in half & mirrors the same octave range on both ends of the keyboard, perfect for teaching. Transpose allows you to play a familiar song in a different key without having to change your hand positions on the keyboard.

Record your own performances with 6 tracks per song; 5 instrument tracks, plus 1 accompaniment track. Songs can be saved directly to a USB device or Computer.

The DP500 has 60 music library lesson songs that allows you to in 3 modes. Left Hand, Right hand & Both hands. Lesson mode will evaluate your performance & give you a score based on pitch, timing & complete performance, so you can monitor your development.

If you don’t know how to play a chord simply look it up in chord dictionary. Chord dictionary also has chord learning & chord examination mode to help you expand your knowledge.

Aux In, Aux Out, Midi In and Out, USB Midi, Dual Headphone Outputs, 32 Performance Memory.

Accessories Included:
Finished Rosewood Appearance Cabinet, Stand, 3 Pedals

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Weight 62.3 kg
Dimensions 70 × 43 × 155 cm