Behringer XENYX 802S Premium Analog 8ch Mixer with USB Streaming Interface

Brand: Behringer
SKU: 450737


The XENYX 802S is a premium and 8-channel analog mixer perfect for content creators and streamers. Behringer have managed to fit a bevy of incredible features into this compact unit, such as award winning XENYX preamps, flexible I/O, a 3-band analog EQ per channel, FX send per channel and more. XENYX also functions as a stereo USB audio interface with USB playback.

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The Behringer XENYX 802S is an ultra-low noise analog mixer built with content creators in mind. A perfect companion for streaming, podcasting and recording, with two integrated award winning XENYX preamps, a 3-band analog EQ per channel to keep your sound pristine and true, flexible I/O, and FX send control per channel for external processing or monitor mix. XENYX also doubles as a stereo USB audio interface when connected to computers or mobile devices. Mix the game audio from your PC, mix them down with your microphone, and send them to the streaming output.

XENYX is a powerful sub mixer for network enabled audio devices. It also features high quality monitoring, headphone and streaming outputs, and stereo RCA inputs that can be assigned to the main mix or monitor/phones out. Stereo channel 7/8 switches automatically between TRS input and USB playback.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 35 cm

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