BOSS Waza Craft BP-1W Booster/Preamp Guitar Effects Pedal

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The all-new BOSS Waza Craft BP-1W is one of the most versatile boost pedals on today’s market, with three unique modes of operation to deliver the authentic tone and feel of the classic vintage preamps from the BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and Roland RE-201 Space Echo. Additional to these vintage modes, a third ‘natural’ mode offers a pristine clean boost for pushing the volume up without colouring your signal!

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With their inspiring and influential effect sounds, the vintage BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and RE-201 Space Echo are two of the most legendary effects units ever made. Players soon discovered the glorious sound of their variable preamp circuitry, which imparted incredible character, body, and richness to their guitar tone. Now, the all-new BOSS BP-1W, you get access to these two iconic preamp tones in a premium Waza Craft pedal, as well as a clean, natural voicing that functions as a traditional clean boost with minimal colour.


  • Waza Craft innovation for a premium analog tone experience
  • Premium booster and preamp pedal with analog circuitry derived from legendary BOSS and Roland effects
  • Versatile design with three selectable modes
  • CE mode reproduces the bright, bell-like preamp sound of the BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble
  • RE mode reproduces the fat, warm preamp sound of the Roland RE-201 Space Echo
  • NAT mode provides a natural clean boost with minimal sound coloration
  • Gain knob controls the amount of saturation introduced into the signal
  • Level knob for controlling the overall volume and driving the inputs of amps and other pedals
  • Selectable standard or vintage input buffer with different tone and response characteristics
  • Made in Japan

Magical Enhancement

For decades, experienced players have trusted key pieces of analog gear to enhance their fundamental tone. To this day, the legendary BOSS CE-1 and Roland RE-201 remain staples of outstanding tone for guitarists all over the world. Although these units were discontinued over 30 years ago, they have stood the test of time not just because of their incredible analog effect sounds, but because of their characterful preamp circuitry.

Considered "secret weapons" of guitar sounds, offer a rich, full-bodied tone and a highly gratifying playing experience - even when the effect was in bypass. The BP-1W lets you harness the magical tone-shaping characteristics of these historic icons and apply them to your rig, without having to break the bank buying rare and expensive vintage originals.

Versatile Analog Sound Shaping

One of the most flexible boost pedals available, the BP-1W offers three distinct operation modes in a compact pedal form factor. Additional to the CE and RE vintage modes, a third NAT mode delivers a pristine clean boost effect for pushing up the volume or driving into the front of your amplifier with no added colour. Dial in the perfect amount of grit using the Gain knob, and discover a range of possible saturation and drive sounds unique to each mode, and then balance the volume with the level knob to balance the effect/bypass volume, or push hard into the next part of your signal chain.

Choose Your Tone Color

  • CE - Famous for it's bright, chiming character and tight bass response, this mode faithfully replicates the tone of the legendary BOSS CE-1 preamp. Adjust the Gain control to discover a host of incredible tones, from gentle to belligerent.
  • RE - Delivering the authentic colour and response of the iconic RE-201 preamp circuit, this mode imparts thickness and warmth to your tone, even at the lowest Gain settings, with saturation that increases as you crank the knob. Unlock powerful drive tones with lush analog compression characteristics, driving your pedals and amps with a vintage coloured sonic foundation.
  • NAT - For a punchy, natural tone with minimal colour, this mode provides a huge range of boost, with premium modern analog Waza Craft circuitry to deliver outstanding performance for any clean boost application.

Two Premium Buffers

Featuring premium high-quality buffer circuitry, the BP-1W offers two unique, selectable types. With a slide switch on the rear panel, you can select between the pure tone of s a standard buffer or vintage buffer with lower input impedance. In Vintage mode the BP-1W delivers a warm sound with a smooth dynamic response, perfect for use with guitars equipped with passive pickups. The Standard buffer is constantly engaged to condition your signal when the pedal is in bypass, regardless of which mode the Buffer switch is set to.

Waza Craft: The Art of Superior Tone

Since their humble beginnings, BOSS's engineers have been committed to offering the greatest guitar tones using any technology required - from old-school analog circuits, to futuristic high-tech DSP. This spirited passion lives on in the Waza Craft series, offering world-class tone and playing feel through meticulously-selected analog components, refined circuitry, and painstaking attention to detail. "Waza" is the Japanese term for art and technique - and these special edition pedals wear the Waza symbol with pride, representing the apex of BOSS design and engineering.


  • Nominal Input Level: -20dBu
  • Input Impedance
    • Effect OFF: 1MΩ
    • Effect ON: 1MΩ (BUFFER switch: STD)/100kΩ (BUFFER switch: VTG)
  • Nominal Output Level: -20dBu
  • Output Impedance: 1kΩ
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 10kΩ or greater
  • Bypass: Buffered Bypass
  • Controls
    • GAIN knob
    • LEVEL knob
    • BUFFER switch (STD/VTG SW)
    • MODE switch
    • Pedal switch
  • Indicator: CHECK Indicator (Serves also as Battery Check Indicator)
  • Connectors
    • INPUT Jack: ¼" Phone Type
    • OUTPUT Jack: ¼" Phone Type
    • DC IN Jack
  • Power Supply
    • Alkaline Battery (9V, 6LR61)
    • AC Adaptor (PSA Series: Sold Separately)
    • Current Draw: 60mA
    • Expected Battery Life Under Continuous Use: Approx. 4.5 hours (Alkaline) * These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.
  • Dimensions
    • 73mm (W) x 129mm (D) x 59mm (H)
    • 430g

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 cm

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