Box Guitars KSB10 Stomp Box Baby Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal

Brand: Box


Keep the beat and add a new percussive element to your performances with the Stomp Box Baby from Box Guitars. Compact, and made from solid Australian timbers, this robust pedal sounds fantastic, and is the ultimate rhythm companion for your acoustic gigs!

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The Stomp Box Baby from Box Guitars is a stompbox containing a piezo pickup. Simply tap the plate with your foot or fingertips to get a percussive accompaniment for your performances. A fantastic companion for street performers and singer/songwriters, the Stomp Box Baby helps you drive the beat and add a new rhythmic element to your performances, and stomping in different areas of the plate or wooden housing results in a range of interesting and unique sounds. Compact in size, without sacrificing sound or performance, the Stomp Box Baby is constructed from Solid Australian Timbers, and is totally gig friendly - small enough to fit in your pocket when travelling or setting up your next gig!

This Stomp Box hosts a branded timber dome on top of the unit, acting as the "sweet spot" of the pedal, and also features a heavy-duty input jack and non-slip foam backing, so you only have to worry about the performance at hand, and the sleek oiled finish gives this unit a sophisticated and classy aesthetic flair.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

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