Casio Celvanio AP-550 Digital Piano in Black

Brand: Casio


A modern take on the traditional case piano, the AP-550 combines classic tone and sharp resonance, Bluetooth connectivity and authentic digital piano functionality in a timeless, modern design.

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Visual Information Bar

A visual information bar provides at-a-glance feedback, and the top panel's ability to open and close adds a touch of sophistication. Featuring intuitive features such as a sliding keyboard cover and automatic shutdown, CELVIANO's design is a blend of tradition and innovation. An integral part of the visual information bar, the metronome function goes beyond traditional auditory cues by indicating beats with glowing lights. With five available types, it is a versatile tool for musicians seeking precise timing and rhythm control during sessions.

Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Celviano Edition

The playing experience is elevated with the Smart Hybrid Hammer Action CELVIANO
Edition, a technological marvel that redefines piano dynamics. Each key is equipped with counterweights for a nuanced touch, creating a balanced feel across the entire keyboard. The hybrid combination of Wood & Plastic Key Action ensures durability and authenticity. Choose from 5 sensitivity levels, tailor the Hammer Response with 4 levels (or turn it off) and explore 3 Key Off Response levels for a personalised touch.

Sound Source

The AP-550 uses a multidimensional morphing AiR Grand sound source to achieve excellent expressiveness and delicate resonance that cannot be achieved with conventional electronic pianos. A piano emits sounds that change over time depending on the strength of the keystrokes. This piano features a 2-channel/4-speaker configuration, providing an unparalleled audio experience. The AP-550 is also equipped with six types of grand piano tones that infinitely expand musical expression.



  • Keyboard - Smart Hybrid, Hammer Action, Keyboard CELVIANO Edition
  • Built-in Tones - 26
  • Grand Piano Tones - 6
  • Sound Source - Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR
  • New Acoustic System - No
  • Visual Information Bar - Yes
  • Pedals: - Included: 3 built-in pedals - Type: Damper (continuously variable), soft (2 levels, off), sostenuto
  • Speakers and Amplifiers: - Speaker Size: 12cm x 2 + 3.5cm x 2 - Speaker System: 2-Channel/4-Speaker - Amplifiers: 20W + 20W*
  • Instant Replayer - Yes
  • Instant Replayer (Data Capacity) - Yes (270 seconds)
  • Bechstein Plate - No
  • Colour - Available in Black, Brown (new) & White
  • Product Dimensions (May vary from shipping details)-1,401 x 440 x 891 mm
  • Weight -49.5 kgs


Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 90 × 45 × 145 cm

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