Casio Celvanio AP-750 Digital Piano in Black

Brand: Casio


The AP-750’s grandphonic sound system features a 4-channel/8-speaker configuration to provide an unparalleled audio experience. This cutting-edge technology pushes the boundaries of traditional stereo systems, delivering depth and immersion through the multi-dimensional morphing AiR Grand sound source. Equipped with four tweeters that are meticulously positioned for resonance and brilliance, it delivers clear and lively sound quality in the high frequency range.

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A technological wonder that redefines piano dynamics, the Smart Hybrid Hammer Action CELVIANO Edition further enhances your playing experience. Each key is equipped with a counterweight for a subtle touch, creating a balanced touch feel across the keyboard.
The key action, a hybrid combination of wood and plastic, ensures durability and reliability.
The hammer response function changes the timing of notes, creating a different response for each key, further improving realism.


The visual information bar integrated into the new AP-750 includes four dynamic functions. First, the keystroke speed feature revolutionises your practice sessions by converting your playing speed into light bar length. Next, there's the "damper pedal depression" feature, which brings an innovative dimension to pedal control. By visualising the range and timing of indentations that are difficult to see with the foot, clear and accurate expressions are possible. Thirdly, another essential feature of the visual information bar, the metronome function, goes beyond traditional auditory cues by indicating beats with illuminating lights. Finally, the Audio Illumination Function enhances the auditory experience by synchronising light illumination with music played through Bluetooth Audio.


The AP-750 model features a modern pedal system for precision and control when playing the piano.
The pedal hardware has been significantly improved with longer pedals, wider spacing, and improved functionality.
The extended pedal rotation distance increases the range of foot movement, giving musicians more control over the dynamics of their playing.


  • Keyboard - Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard CELVIANO Edition
  • Built-in Tones - 29 + Classical Piano Repertoire: 10
  • Grand Piano Tones - 9 (Hamburg new waveform)
  • Sound Source - AiR Grand
  • New Acoustic System - Yes
  • Visual Information Bar - Yes
  • Pedals: - Included: 3 built-in pedals - Type: Damper (continuously variable), soft (continuously variable), sostenuto
  • Speakers and Amplifiers: - Speaker Size: 12cm x 4 + 3.5cm x 4 - Speaker System: 4-Channel/8-Speaker - Amplifiers: 10W x 2 + 10W x 2
  • Instant Replayer - Yes
  • Instant Replayer (Data Capacity) - Yes (270 seconds)
  • Bechstein Plate - Yes
  • Colour - Black
  • Product Dimensions (May vary from shipping details)- 1,401 x 440 x 929 mm
  • Weight - 53.6 kgs

Additional information

Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 95 × 45 × 145 cm

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