D-Tronic Q2 Plus 5pc Electronic Drum Kit Pack with Headphones

Brand: D-Tronic


The D-Tronic Q2 Plus Electronic Drum Kit Pack gives you everything you need to start your drumming journey in confidence – with high-quality drum sounds, in-built effects, real-time recording and playback, and extensive I/O options, this kit is the perfect practice companion!

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The D-Tronic Q2 Plus Electronic Drum Kit pack features a powerful drum module with a multi-function LED display. This pre-assembled rack employs an 8" snare pad complete with rim-shot function, three 8" natural rebound tom pads, two 10" cymbal pads, and a 10" hi-hat pad, giving you plenty of voicing and accent options for your performances. With 177 voices, 25 preset kits, 5 user kits, 30 song styles, and 2 demo songs, you get access to a huge range of high-quality drum sounds to inspire your playing. Thanks to the tap tempo metronome with 8 time signatures, and real-time recording and playback, the Q2 Plus offers immersive practice tools to refine your playing.


  • 177 high-quality voices
  • 25 preset kits, and 5 user kits
  • 30 song styles, 2 demo songs
  • Tap tempo function with 8 time signatures
  • Real-time recording and playback
  • In-built effects
  • Aux in and Headphone out for silent rehearsal
  • Includes all necessary hardware, cabling, and accessories

Start your Drumming Journey with Confidence!

Featuring adjustable sensitivity, threshold, velocity, and cross-talk parameters for fine-tuning each pad, along with a host of in-built reverb and chorus effects, you can dial the kit in perfectly for an immersive and authentic playing experience. The Stereo Master ¼" output allows for effortless connection to a recording interface or mixing console, and the USB port to host enables connection to a computer. A convenient aux in connection enables the connection of MP3 players or smart devices to allow you to jam along to your favorite tracks, and with the headphone output, you're able to rehearse silently without disturbing the neighbourhood. The Q2 Plus comes complete with a kick pedal, hi-hat pedal, drum throne, drum sticks, stick bag, a 9V DC power supply, and a pair of headphones, as well as all necessary labelled, and length-specific cabling - giving you all the tools to get started on your drumming journey.


  • Kit Configuration
    • 1x 8" Snare Pad with Rim Shot Function
    • 3x 8" Natural Rebound Tom Pads
    • 2x 10" Round Cymbal Pads
    • 1x 10" Round Hi-Hat Pad
  • Sound Engine
    • Voices: 177 Voices
    • Preset Kits: 25 Preset Kits
    • User Kits: 5 User Kits
    • Song Styles: 30 Song Styles
    • Demo Songs: 2 Demo Songs
  • Metronome: Tap Tempo Function with 8 Time Signatures
  • Effects
    • Reverb: 8 Types
    • Chorus: 8 Types
  • Connections
    • ¼" Stereo Master Output
    • Headphone Output
    • Aux In
    • USB Port to Host
  • Hardware
    • 1x Drum Throne
    • 1x Kick Pedal Controller
    • 1x Hi-Hat Pedal Controller
  • Other Accessories
    • Drum Sticks
    • Stick Bag
    • 9V DC Power Supply
    • Headphones

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 85 × 35 × 105 cm

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