DW Backrest for 9100AL/9120AL Drum Thrones
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DW Backrest for 9100AL/9120AL Drum Thrones

Brand: DW Drums


DWCP9100BR – Backrest for 9100AL & 9120AL.

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If you don't mind trading a penny of mobility for a pound of comfort, the DW DWCP9100BR backrest makes a nice upgrade for your drum throne. The DWCP9100BR is compatible with Airlift Series thrones.

DW drum thrones: building a better foundation since 1974

It may come as no surprise that DW's venture into drum hardware all began with a throne: the height-adjustable DW trap case seat. Not only was this the first of DW's many breakthrough hardware designs, but it showed the world that it understood what drumming is all about.


  • Fits the following drum thrones:
    • 8100
    • 8120
    • 9100AL
    • 9120AL
  • Supports your spine as you play
  • Reduces strain on your back muscles

Additional information

Weight 1.84 kg
Dimensions 25 × 23 × 43 cm