DXP Fusion Drum Mutes Set
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DXP Fusion Drum Mutes Set

Brand: DXP


Put a set of drum mutes on your drumkit for a quiet session, keeps you playing longer.

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Yes, we like to get loud on the drums as much as you do.

But sometimes there is a need to preserve the sanity of others, and that’s when you need a set of drum mutes. A set of DXP drum mutes are made of durable black rubber (bass drum mute is made of wood and rubber) and will make your drum playing nice and quiet for a while.

The fusion sizes apply to the DXP Fusion Mutes. There are 7 mutes in total:

There is the 10 inch, 12 inch and two 14 inch for your toms and snare.

Two cymbal mutes – 14 - 16 inch and 18 - 20 inch.

A bass drum mute to fit a 20 – 22 inch bass drum.

Don’t let sensitive ears ruin your playing time.

Get a set of DXP drum mutes and keep drumming.

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