Dynaudio Core 7 7″ Powered Studio Monitor – Black (Each)
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Dynaudio Core 7 7″ Powered Studio Monitor – Black (Each)

Brand: Dynaudio


Core reproduces what was recorded. Nothing more, nothing less. And you know the truth when you hear it.

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Trust is critical in this business. Whether you’re recording a power-trio or an orchestra, mixing a solo voiceover or video-game soundtrack, or mastering a full immersive audio project (such as a Dolby ATMOS mix), you need to know that your monitors reproduce everything you need to hear – warts and all.

Core 7 has been developed alongside industry professionals with exactly this in mind. It’s the most compact model in our range of high-end professional reference monitor systems. This no-compromise two-way design features two class-D amplifiers (one 500W amp for the mid/woofer and a 150W unit for the tweeter), plus the best of modern DSP technology and a flat bass response down to 38Hz – 31kHz +/- 6dB and 45Hz – 27kHz +/- 3dB.

It’s been specifically designed and engineered to meet the challenges of high-demand environments that recording engineers, mixers, producers, and editors work in all day, every day.


High-quality amplification
A 500W class-D amp for the mid/woofer, and 150W for the tweeter

All-new drivers
Designed and made in Denmark using our world-class Jupiter measuring facility

Advanced DSP
Simple to use, powerful to listen to: it lets you tailor Core 7 for any listening environment


  • Tweeter: 1in
  • Midrange: N/A
  • Woofer: 7in
  • Inputs: Analogue and AES3 digital inputs
  • Maximum 24-bit/192 kHz: Depending on input signal
  • Maximum SPL: 112 dB @ 1 m anechoic, 118 dB half space
  • Specification sheet for Core part 1
  • Crossover frequency: 2300 Hz
  • Frequency response: 38 Hz – 31 kHz +/- 6 dB
  • Frequency response: 45 Hz – 27 kHz +/- 3 dB
  • Principle: Front-loaded bass reflex
  • Amplifiers: Pascal Class-D. HF 150 W / LF 500 W
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 220 x 370 x 390 mm (8 11/16 x 14 5/8 x 15 3/8in)
  • Weight: 14.7 kg (32.4 lb)

Additional information

Weight 14.7 kg
Dimensions 37 × 22 × 39 cm