Evo 16 by Audient 24-in / 24-out High Performance Audio Interface with Smart Gain

Brand: Audient


Level up your audio performance with eight sonically stunning EVO Preamps.

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Level up your audio performance with eight sonically stunning EVO Preamps. Backed by 25 years of engineering experience, our analogue mic preamp has been designed to deliver the most accurate, clean, and true to source version of your audio, no matter what you’re recording.

Our EVO Preamp technology not only has all the sonic advantages of an analogue mic preamp, but combines it with digitally controlled precision, giving you the ability to set your gain with pin-point accuracy, right down to the decibel.

Make recording drums and larger sessions easy with Smartgain. Automatically set the gain for all 8 channels at once with a simple touch of a button. Powered by our lightning quick Smartgain algorithm, Smartgain uses advanced peak analysis to automatically analyse, adjust and set your gain to the perfect levels – all in less than 20 seconds!

Record, adjust levels, repeat? Sound familiar? Save time and make recording on your own a breeze with Smartgain. Simply set up your mics, hit Smartgain, start performing and EVO 16 will take care of the rest.


• 8 x EVO Mic Preamps • 2 x JFET Instrument Inputs • 2 x Independent Headphone Outputs • 8 x Line Outputs • 2 x Optical Inputs • 2 x Optical Outputs • Multi-Channel Smartgain • ‘EVO Motion UI’ Control System
• Programmable Function Button • Ultra-Low Latency Software Mixer • Monitor Control • Audio Loop-back • Word Clock Output • Standalone Mode • USB2.0 (USB-C Connection) • 24bit / 96kHz

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 5.3 × 36 cm

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