Innovative Percussion IP400 Soloist Hard Marimba Mallets (Pair)
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Innovative Percussion IP400 Soloist Hard Marimba Mallets (Pair)



Birch constructed marimba mallets.

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The Innovative Percussion IP400 Soloist Series Hard Marimba Mallets are designed for use in the upper 3 octaves of a 5 octave marimba and offers lots of strong articuation. This model features 100% wool yarn, birch handles and hard rubber cores that help to create a full, rich tome and warm fundamental. 

Designed with the marimba virtuoso in mind, the Soloist Series is constructed using hard rubber cores, covered in a series of latex combinations. The mallets are wrapped is a 100% wool wrap, custom manufactured specifically for Innovative Percussion, which delivers a brilliant, rich tone with the warmest fundamental possible in all registers of the marimba. The series is offered on birch handles that are polished for the smoothest natural finish. Each step of production insures a mallet designed to meet the highest standards of today's most demanding marimbist.

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