Korg opsix SE 61-Note Synthesizer with Case – Black

Brand: Korg


Boasting a premium all-metal design, 61-keys, and aftertouch, the KORG opsix SE is a digital synth unlike any other, allowing you to venture into a whole new realm of sonic possibilities. Expanding the extensive sound engine of the original opsix, the opsix SE features increased polyphony and voicing to create a synthesizer built for superior performance and precise control.

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Simplifying synthesis for the first time, the KORG opsix Operator Mixer not only made it comprehensible, but controllable too - and with the inclusion of extra synthesis functions and programming, achieved a more efficient workflow and an even more lush sound. Taking this a step further, the opsix SE features KORG's premium natural-touch 61-note keyboard, complete with aftertouch to deliver the same outstanding tactile experience that KORG's flagship workstations are known for. It's sleek and rugged housing is built for the rigors of live shows, while retaining outstanding precision for studio sessions.

Pre-loaded with hundreds of sounds optimized for aftertouch control, the opsix SE is fully compatible with the sounds and samples from the original and opsix Native software alike, including a variety of high-quality libraries.


  • Premium metal design with premium Japanese manufacturing
  • Exclusive hard case included
  • Get Illuminated with the Operator Mixer
  • Direct Hands-on Control
  • Six in One Synthesis
  • Altered FM architecture delivers sounds across a vast spectrum
  • Powerful Effects Processing
  • Automatable 16-step sequencer
  • Monster Modulation Matrix
  • Dice to generate new, unique sounds
  • Free Librarian Software

Build to Play

Born out of the urge to play an incredible synth with two hands, the opsix SE features KORG's premium 61-note natural-touch keyboard, offering the same immersive tactile response as KORG's flagship workstations. Get unmatched control of all of opsix's incredible sounds right at your fingertips with aftertouch, including both modernized factory performances - and fresh ones too! In fact, most of the programs inside opsix SE have been updated to make full use of aftertouch, extended keyboard, and polyphony.

Premium Metal Design

The slim body specifically designed for the opsix SE showcases a remarkable aesthetic update, with a striking brown painted aluminum control panel, this instrument pays tribute to vintage machines - complimenting the vivid LEDs to bring a vibrant energy to your stage shows. The side panels of the opsix SE are finished in a sleek black metal paint for a finishing touch on the elegant aesthetics.

Exclusive Hard Case Included

Including a dedicated hardcase, with space for storing cables and pedals, you can protect, transport, and store your opsix SE with confidence, whether you're packing it up for tour, or just  rehearsing downtown.

Get Illuminated with the Operator Mixer

The opsix SE's Operator Mixer includes a streamlined set of six faders and knobs that encourage exploration, with each part lighting up red to indicate carriers, or blue for modulators. These controls can be manipulated to open up new possibilities of sound-shaping, breathing a new life into your musical ideas. This streamlined, tactile approach to workflow is part of what makes the opsix SE so unique, just like the sounds it produces.

Direct Hands-On Control

Get instant access to the parameters you need with the six featured data entry knobs, whether you're tweaking a preset or creating a patch from scratch, and effortlessly sync with the large OLED display for a clear and focused direction to your workflow. Combined with the mixer, creating new and inspiring sounds is super easy, and incredibly fun.

Choose from a selection of analog-style filters, like the aggressive KORG MS-20 low-pass/high-pass filter, or the smooth and powerful KORG Polysix low-pass filter, and inject your sounds with a vintage sound and feel. There are also two or four-pole low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-reject filters with resonance, and even an integrated spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope, which provides visual feedback on the music you're making via the OLED screen.

Powerful Effects Processing

With three blocks of 30 kinds of high-quality effects that can be used together to further enhance your sounds, the opsix SE features everything from traditional effects such as chorus, phaser, delay, and compressor, to world-class shimmering reverbs that take your sounds to new worlds.

Automatable 16-Step Sequencer

The opsix SE boasts an outstanding step sequencer that rivals the versatility and power of today's groove boxes. Hit the PLAY button on any sound and experience the intricacy of the sequences. Each program features it's own stored unique sequence, or you can create your own!

Record up to six notes per step, and edit each note's velocity, gate time, and playback timing. Build long, transforming phrases, or create slight timing drift to simulate strums or drum rolls, something not possible on traditional 16-step sequencers. You can even record changes of up to six parameters via the motion sequencer, creating smooth motion changes in sound within a phrase, or building rhythms that drastically change with every step.

Monster Modulation Matrix

With six operator modes and 40 preset algorithms, as well as the ability to create your own, the dynamic sonics and modulation possibilities of the opsix SE are truly mind-bending.

The synthesis of the opsix SE is supercharged with processors at the end of the signal chain. The MOD section works independently from the operators, containing three EGs and three LFOs, with 12 virtual patches for a vast range of routing possibilities. These features can be used for a massive variety of modulation to build immersive soundscapes or add rhythmic movement to your sounds.

Throw the Dice

When you're in the mood for the strange and unexpected, you can use Randomize feature by the simply pressing the button marked with the die icon, which totally scrambles the synth's parameters, resulting in new and unique sounds. This feature is available for all parameters, or can effect only the operators, the algorithm, or the sequences. You might find something you like, and if you don't, use the sound as a basis for something new, or simply roll the dice again!

Free Librarian Software

View and organize data when your opsix SE is connected to a computer via USB via the opsix Sound Librarian, and transfer sound data back and forth between the opsix SE and the computer.

Free Bundle of Music Software

The opsix SE includes a variety of diverse music software from Izotope, like "Ozone Elements", which allows you to create songs, and then master them using AI. "Skoove" assists you with improving your keyboard playing chops, along with software synths from KORG and other manufacturers. Not only do you get a world-class synthesizer with the opsix SE, you also get a range of tools to help you elevate your music to new levels!


  • Keyboard: 61 keys (Natural Touch Keybord with Velocity and Release-Velocity Sensitive, Aftertouch)
  • Sound Generating System: Altered FM Sound Generator
  • Max Polyphony: 80 Voices (Varies per Setting)
  • Structure: 6 Operators, 1 Filter, 3 EGs, 3 LFOs, 3 Effects, Step Sequencer, Arpeggiator
    • Algorithm: 40 Presets + User Algorithm (Unique to Each Program)
    • Operator: 6 Modes (FM, Ring Mod., Filter, Filter FM, Wave Folder, Effect)
    • Oscillator Waveform: 23 Waveforms
    • Filter: 11 Types
    • EG: ADSR
    • LFO: 23 Waveforms
    • V-Patch: 12 Routings
    • Effect: 30 Types
    • Sequencer: Step Sequencer (up to 16 Steps, up to 6 Notes per Step), Motion Sequencer (up to 6 Lanes)
    • Arpeggiator: 7 Patterns
  • Programs
    • Number of Programs: 500 (350 Preset Programs and 150 User Programs as the Factory-Set)
    • Favorite: 64 (16 Slots x 4 Banks)
  • Controllers
    • MODULATION Wheel
    • PITCH Wheel
    • RATIO OP 1-6 Knobs
    • LEVEL OP 1-6 Sliders
    • DATA ENTRY A-F Knobs
  • I/O
    • Headphone: 6.3mm Stereo Phone Jack
    • OUTPUT L/MONO and R (Impedance-Balanced 6.3mm TRS Phone Jack)
    • DAMPER (6.3mm Phone Jack, Half-Damper not Supported)
    • MIDI IN and OUT Connectors
    • USB B Port
  • Power 
    • Power Supply: AC Adaptor (12V DC)
    • Power Consumption: 5W
  • Included Items
    • AC Adaptor
    • Hard Case
  • Dimensions
    • 1014mm (W) x 344mm (D) x 108mm (H)
    • 8.6kg

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 150 cm

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