Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica – Key C

Brand: Lee Oskar
SKU: LO1910-C


The Major Diatonic Harmonica is commonly used for playing Blues and Rock starting from hole #2 draw / Mixolydian Scale. (Cross Harp / 2nd Position).

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Harmonicas are the perfect tool for singer / songwriters to create hook lines and melodies. And they’re not just for playing Blues and Folk anymore. The Lee Oskar Harmonicas System provides multiple harmonica models which are uniquely suited to play in so many genres of music, it may surprise you!

Harmonica players all over the world prefer the Lee Oskar Harmonicas System, which is distinguished by the consistent quality of materials, design, construction, and sound. Our four distinct harmonica models feature standard and altered tunings (available in multiple keys), for playing many different musical genres. See below for a complete list of Lee Oskar models and the corresponding music genres that each is designed to play. Color-coded for easy identification.

WATCH: Lee Oskar - Major Diatonic Harmonica

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