Line 6 Helix Floor Guitar Amp Modeler and Multi-Effects Processor

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The remarkably powerful Line 6 Helix recreates amps, cabs, mics and effects with astonishing precision. Featuring models of vintage and modern tube amplifiers with authentic tone and response, designed to interact with your playing just like the originals!

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Setting the bar for ease of use when creating guitar tones with authentic sound and feel, the Line 6 Helix products feature an intuitive interface that won't have you diving through complex and cumbersome menus. Incredibly flexible, Helix products can be used in a variety of applications - from studio-grade multi-effects processors, to replacing your entire rig.


  • 4 Discrete signal paths with 400+ amps, cabs, and effects
  • HX modeling delivers authentic feel and exceptional sound quality
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 12 Capacitive-touch color-coded footswitches
  • 10 Inputs and 12 outputs, plus 8-in/8-out USB audio interface
  • Presets compatible with HX Edit and the Helix Native plugin
  • Digital I/O including Variax® and L6 LINK™ for Powercab® Plus

Using dual-SHARC processing and HX Modeling technology, the Helix recreates the tone and character of vintage and modern amplifiers, cabinets, microphones, and effects with stunning accuracy, while the user-friendly interface gives you total control with a large colour LCD, capacitive-touch footswitches, customizable scribble strips, extensive analog and digital I/O options, and an integrated expression pedal.

Experience the Sound of Helix

The HX models in Helix deliver accurate recreations previously unattainable from modeling, down to the finest nuance and detail - from classic bloom and spongy compressed tone of some amps, to powerful, blistering distortion on others. The Helix's dual-SHARC audio engine faithfully replicates the sonic footprint and dynamic response of classic and contemporary amplifiers.

HX Cabs/Impulse Responses

Boasting a selection of 12 microphone types, the Helix Cabinet models allow you to position microphones at various distances for remarkable tonal versatility. You can even load your own third-party impulse responses.


  • Component - Realistic sound and authentic playing experience is achieved through measuring each stage of an amp's circuitry, and matching it to the original during the modeling process.
  • Behavioral Modeling - By measuring their individual components, HX Modeling technology captures the unique behavior of analog effects devices, authentically recreating notoriously 'difficult-to-model' effects like germanium fuzz, and 'bucket brigade' analog delay pedals.

Four Stereo Signal Paths

With four stereo signal paths, Helix processors enable the creation of complex presets with multiple effects and other blocks. You can configure these signal paths independently, making it possible to simultaneously process up to four instruments. Presets using two paths can support true Preset Spillover.

Scribble Strips and Capacitive-Touch Footswitches

At the touch of a footswitch, you can instantly jump to any block and rapidly tweak a parameter or assign controllers, and footswitch assignments and status are displayed via colour-coded LED rings. Further personalize your Helix with the customizable scribble strips.

Command Center

Capable of serving as the command center for any rig, Helix processors can send up to six MIDI commands at a preset or snapshot recall, and external amp switching is made possible via dedicated relays. Connect external footswitches and expression pedals for additional control.

HX Control and HX Edit

With the same intuitive user interface as Helix processors, the free HX Edit software allows you to effortlessly build sophisticated signal chains, tweak parameters and settings using dedicated sliders, customize scribble strips and so much more.


  • Modeling
    • Amp Models: 96
    • Impulse Responses: 128x 1024 or 2048-Point
    • Effect Models: 268
  • Presets: 1024 (8 Setlists x 32 Banks x 4 Presets)
  • Simultaneous Processing Blocks: Up to 32 (DSP Permitting)
  • Signal Flow Options: Up to 4 Stereo, Serial or Parallel
  • Snapshots: 8 Per Preset
  • Global EQ Bands: 3 Fully Parametric + Variable Low and High Cut
  • Main Display: 6.2", Colour
  • Footswitches: 12 Capacitive Touch w/RBG Rings + EXP Toe Switch
  • Footswitch Types: Latching, Momentary
  • Looper
    • Looper Types: 6 Switch, 1 Switch, Shuffling
    • Looper Memory (Full Speed): 60 Sec Mono/30 Sec Stereo
    • Looper Memory (½ Speed): 120 Sec Mono/60 Sec Stereo
  • I/O
    • ¼" Inputs: Guitar, Aux, Return 1-4
    • ¼" Outputs: Main L/R, Send 1-4
    • XLR Inputs: Mic Pre w/Phantom Power
    • XLR Outputs: Main L/R
    • Effect Loops: 4x Send, 4x Return, Stereo-Linkable
    • Digital In: Variax VDI, S/PDIF
    • Digital Out: S/PDIF, AES/EBU/L6 LINK™
    • Headphones: ¼" Stereo
    • MIDI: In, Out/Thru + USB
  • USB Audio Interface: 8-In, 8-Out With Re-Amping
  • Master Remote Control: Command Center
  • Variable Impedance Circuitry: Guitar In
  • Chassis: Extruded Aluminum w/Cast Aluminum Side Panels
  • Treadle: Cast Aluminum
  • Scribble Strip LCDs: 13 x 2"
  • External Control
    • External Amp Control Outputs: 2 (1=Tip, 2=Ring)
    • Expression Pedal Inputs: EXP2, EXP 3, ¼"
  • Dimensions
    • 92mm (H) x 560mm (W) x  301mm (D)
    • 6.6kg

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 35 × 15 × 65 cm

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