Ludwig Vistalite FAB 22inch 3-Piece Drum Kit in Pink
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Ludwig Vistalite FAB 22inch 3-Piece Drum Kit in Pink

Brand: Ludwig


Notorious for their attack as they are for their stunning crystalline looks, Vistalite acrylic drums are a statement both sonically and visually. The first one ever in WA!!!

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Vistalite drums are produced to highest construction standards with reinforced seams and crisp bearing edges for optimum shell integrity and tuning range. Since 1972, Vistalite drums have been performed on and coveted by some of music's top players.

Available in 6 standard colors: Amber (47), Blue (55), Yellow (56), Clear (38), Smoke (V6), and Pink (PK). Piece together your own custom drum kit from a range of components or put yourself behind one of 3 standard outfits. Vistalite drums feature the popular '70's vintage blue/olive badges, large classic lugs, classic brackets, vibra-bands, and curved spurs.

Lay down the "Hammer of the Gods" sound on an Amber Zep Set, or make yourself visible behind any timeless combination. 


  • Reinforced Seam Molded Acrylic
  • '70's vintage blue/olive badges
  • 45-degree inner bearing edge with slight outer bevel
  • Large classic lugs
  • Classic Brackets
  • Vibra-brands
  • Curved Spurs



  • Kick 22 x 14
  • Tom 13 x 9 with Vibraband Tom Mount
  • Floor Tom 16 x 16 


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Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 68 × 68 × 68 cm