Marshall Studio JTM Series ST20H 20W Guitar Amplifier Head with Power Reduction

Brand: Marshall
SKU: 70/ST20H


The amp that started it all finally returns, only smaller. The all-new Marshall Studio JTM Series collection of amplifiers and cabinets pack a hefty punch while faithfully replicating the iconic warm, smooth sound of the original JTM. Whether you’re laying down tracks in the studio, or rocking out on stage, the Marshall Studio JTM Series has you covered!

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The classic and unrivalled number one has finally returned, only smaller - the all-new Marshall Studio JTM ST20H faithfully replicates the iconic warm, smooth tones of the original JTM amplifier. Capable of power reduction from 20W down to 5W at the flick of a switch, the ST20H's era-defining sound steals the show, whether you're playing at home, or gracing the stage.

Outstanding Marshall Sound

Marshall's iconic sound is recognised and adored all across the globe, and the ST20H is a loving tribute to the amp that defined the rock'n'roll revolution. From the legendary fat, smooth tone, to it's blended voices that combine clean and crunch, the ST20H delivers the legendary sound that made Marshall a household name.

Compact Without Compromise 

Not only does the ST20H boast the power of a classic Marshall amp in a modern and compact design, it also faithfully recreates the iconic look that has graced thousands of stages for decades all around the world. Featuring the same vintage tones that players know and adore, just in a smaller package, the ST20H also includes refinements for today's players, like a DI output and FX loop.

Power Reduction

Whether you're rehearsing at home, playing a small club venue, or rocking out on a festival stage, the ST20H allows you to instantly switch between 20W and 5W output - without sacrificing your precious tone - thanks to the integrated power reduction technology.

UK-Made and All-Tube

Hand-built in the same UK factory responsible for building Marshall amplifiers since the late '60s, the ST20H is built on decades of expertise, with meticulous craftsmanship at the very core. Driven by a pair of ECC83 preamp tubes, two 5881 power amp tubes, and a single ECC83 phase splitter, the ST20H transports you back in time to the rock'n'roll revolution.

  • Electronics
    • Channels: 1 (with 2 Voicings)
    • Output Wattage: 20W (Power Reduction Option to 5W)
    • Outputs: 5x ¼" Speaker Outputs (16Ω/8Ω/4Ω), 1x DI Output
    • Inputs: 4x ¼" Instrument Inputs (High/Low Sensitivity)
    • Controls: Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence
  • Tubes
    • Preamp Tubes: 2x ECC83, 1x ECC83 (Phase Splitter)
    • Power Tubes: 2x 5881
  • Accessories
    • Detachable Power Cable Included
    • Speaker Cable Included
  • Dimensions
    • 500mm (W) x 240mm (H) x 230mm (D)
    • 9.25kg