Mesa Boogie Mark VII 90W Guitar Amplifier Head

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The MARK VII™ is the “masterpiece” of Randall Smith’s more than 50-year career in visionary amplifier design. This model combines that knowledge, history, innovation, and performance into the 90-watt Mark Series amplifiers, the simplest, most versatile and smallest to date. The 3-channel, 9-mode preamp combines with Mesa’s legendary Simul-Class™ power section, which delivers three distinct characters across a 3-watt range, for adaptability, soulful tube tone, and discerning It creates a new mark in the magical feel that captivates the listener and serve any insightful player.

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The long-awaited "Simul Seven" surpasses its predecessor, the Mark Five, and the secret Mark Six prototype, and is the most powerful Boogie® Mark model ever in terms of sound, flexibility, compact design, and interface. This all-around sound machine delivers legendary Mark performance and adds two new sounds. The infamous Mark IIB and a new modern high gain mode full of character and attitude named Mark VII. In addition to the iconic features that put Boogie at the top of your dream list, including built-in graphic EQ, rich reverb, seamless effects loops, and innovative power switching, the Mark VII introduces the CabClone IR™ DI direct interface. With the same features and great-sounding IR as the standalone the CabClone IR, this integrated version allows you to custom assign 8 of the Rectifier® and Boogie cabs per channel for unparalleled direct tonal control.


  • Wattage - Multi-Watt™ 25, 45, or 90 (Channel Assignable)
  • Preamp Tubes 5x Mesa 12AX7, Power Amp Tubes 4x Mesa 6L6 (or EL34)
  • Mode Voicings styles - Ch. 1 = Clean, Fat, or Crunch Ch. 2 = Fat, Crunch, or Mark VII™ Ch. 3 = Mark IIB™, Mark IIC+™, or Mark IV™
  • Footswitch - Included - 3x3 - 6 Button Footswitch (Bottom Row: Ch. 1, Ch. 2, & Ch. 3 - Top Row: Reverb, FX Loop, & Graphic EQ)


Multi-Watt™ 25, 45, or 90 (Channel Assignable)

Channels & Modes
3 Channels / 9 Modes

Mode Voicings styles
Ch. 1 = Clean, Fat, or Crunch Ch. 2 = Fat, Crunch, or Mark VII™ Ch. 3 = Mark IIB™, Mark IIC+™, or Mark IV™

Graphic Eq Reverb Fx Solo
Graphic EQ, Reverb, FX Loop, CabClone IR

Foot switchable Functions
Ch. 1, 2, 3, Reverb, FX Loop, & Graphic EQ

Speakers Impedance

Product Weight
40 Lbs. / 18.14 kg.

Product Dimensions
9 1/4" H x 18 3/4" W x 10 7/8” D 23.50 cm H x 47.63 cm W x 27.62 cm D

Head, Rackmount Head, & 1x12 Combo

Additional information

Weight 18.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 50 cm

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