Mooer Micro Drummer MK11 Pedal

Brand: Mooer


MOOER is proud to announce the release of the Micro Drummer II, a new drum machine that delivers realistic drum sounds and a wide range of features for musicians of all levels.

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The Micro Drummer II offers 48 grooves across 6 different music types with 8 different rhythm types for each, allowing users to create and experiment with a variety of beats and styles. Extra functionality is included to keep grooves and beats interesting. Users can add variation and complexity to their drum patterns on the fly with the FILL function, while the TAP TEMPO function allows for easy speed setting.

In addition to its extensive rhythm library, the Micro Drummer II includes two different EQ presets to adapt to different playing situations. Whether recording in a studio or playing live on stage, users can customize their drum sound to suit their needs.


  • 6 different music types, 8 different rhythm types for each, 48 grooves in total.
  • FILL function for adding variation during play
  • TAP TEMPO function for speed setting
  • Two different EQ presets for different situations


  • Num. of groove: 48 grooves
  • Speed range: 40bpm -240bpm
  • Sample rate/sample depth: 44.1kHz/24 Bit
  • Input: 1/4” mono audio input jack (impedance value 470k ohm)
  • Output: 1/4” mono audio output jack (impedance value 100 ohm)
  • Power supply: 9V 120mA, center negative
  • Dimension: 93.5mm(D)*42mm(W)*52mm(H)
  • Weight: 157g
  • Accessories: Owner's manual

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Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 11 cm

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