Neumann KH150 6.5 inch 2 Way Studio Monitor Speaker with DSP – Black – Single

Brand: Neumann
SKU: 509127


Powerful bi-amplified studio monitor with reference-class performance.

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Neumann KH 150

Powerful bi-amplified studio monitor with reference-class performance. Its 6.5” woofer in a bass reflex cabinet provides stunning low end and high SPL capability with undiminished clarity. DSP controlled electronics ensure linear phase response and allow for room-adaptive calibration via Neumann’s revolutionary MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment.

·         Linear frequency and phase response

·         Deep low end down to 39 Hz and high SPL capability

·         DSP engine for improved performance and automatic room alignment

·         Razor-sharp imaging due to extremely low tolerances (± 0.8 dB)

·         Analog (XLR) and digital (RCA) inputs, optional: AES67 connectivity

·         May be combined with other KH line speakers in immersive/surround setups.

Reference-Class Studio Monitor

The KH 150 follows the same philosophy as all Neumann studio monitors: highest linearity, lowest distortion, no coloration, and perfect adaptability to any acoustic environment. Mixing becomes so much faster and easier, once the guesswork is over. And more creative, too: Sounds genius, but can I get away with that? The KH 150 will tell you. Honestly.

What differentiates the KH 150 from its smaller siblings is its deeper bass response down to 39 Hz. The KH 150 is thus ideally suited to urban music, EDM, film scoring, and all styles that require extended low end and/or elevated listening levels but works just as well for anything from rock to classical music, broadcast and voice-over applications. Thanks to powerful amplifiers (145 W/100 W) and sophisticated protection limiters, no clarity is lost even at high SPLs.

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Weight 9.2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 47.5 cm

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