Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 Compact 25-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Brand: Novation


Novation’s most compact and portable 25-mini-key MIDI keyboard controller on offer, the Launchkey Mini MK3 gives you all the tools for adding outstanding sounds and expressive creativity to your music. With a comprehensive control layout, MIDI connectivity, and including a host of high-quality music creation software, Launchkey Mini is your one-stop music-creation station!

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The Launchkey Mini The most compact and portable MIDI keyboard controller that Novation has to offer. With 25 mini keys, Launchkey Mini is designed to move, offering the finest of Novation's best-selling MIDI keyboard controller technology to their smallest and most compact portable form factor. Get all the tools you need to begin creating in Ableton Live, with a MIDI keyboard controller that fits effortlessly into your backpack or laptop bag.

Add dynamic and expressive beats via 16 ultra-sensitive pads to launch clips and drum on. With a powerful arpeggiator, fixed chord mode, MIDI capabilities, and a plethora of included sounds, this controller also features crucial transport and mixer controls to assist you with finishing your tracks with fewer mouse clicks.


  • Deep and intuitive Ableton Live control – including device macro control, track select, record, capture MIDI, clip and scene launch, stop/mute/solo, volume, pans and sends
  • Creative arpeggiator – easy to use but deeply controllable: change rhythm, beat, pattern, octave, gate, and more
  • Play chords with one finger – assign a fixed chord shape to the keys and it'll transpose as you move up and down the keyboard
  • MIDI Out – take Launchkey Mini anywhere, send arps and program changes to your hardware synths, or add keys to your groovebox directly over MIDI

Your Tracks, Your Way

Launchkey Mini lets you step away from the screen and feel the music instead. With deep and intuitive integration with Ableton Live, this controller allows you to move wherever the music takes you. With controls for transport, device and mixer, you can get to your sonic destination with fewer mouse clicks- and enable more tactile control over your sounds. Launchkey Mini lets you realize the sound in your head.

Get Creative

Using Launchkey Mini's powerful, yet simple-to-use arpeggiator, unlock new melodies, rhythms, and textures right at your fingertips. Fixed Chord mode allows you to push your ideas further with a customizable fixed chord shape that follows you around the keyboard. Finally, with the 16 ultra-sensitive pads, you can perform dynamic, expressive rhythms and launch clips. Connect straight to Ableton Live, and start creating - Launchkey Mini gets your process moving.

Standalone Operation

Capable of standalone operation, Launchkey Mini is the ultimate controller for any music-creating setup - with or without a computer! Fixed Chord Mode, arpeggiator, and Custom Modes are all able to be used to control an all-analog studio or live setup.

It's an Instrument - Play it!

Featuring Novation's all-new, finest-to-date mini-keymech, Launchkey is a pleasure to perform on. With two touch strips for control over pitch and modulation, you get an interactive and immersive feel for your music. Taking the playing potential even further, Strum Mode allows you to strum chords for an additional texture. 16 super-sensitive RGB pads give you accurate, dynamic, and nuanced rhythms. Connect a sustain pedal and discover even more playing expression. Launchkey Mini feels and sounds as great as it looks.

Included Software

  • Ableton Live Lite - The coveted electronic music creation software, with seamless Launchkey integration. Including a range of effects, instruments, sounds and all kinds of other creative features – everything you need to create music of any style.
  • XLN Audio Addictive Keys - Based on the legendary Steinway Model D, the Studio Grand allows you to add great sounding piano to your tracks. Simply connect and play to be transported instantly to a professional recording studio set up to capture this gorgeous piano.
  • AAS Session Bundle - Giving you essential sounds for your songs, Launchkey Mini includes Lounge Lizard’s authentic classic electric piano tones, Strum Session’s acoustic and electric guitar sounds, and Ultra Analog Session’s simple-to-use, massive synth sounds.
  • Spitfire Audio LABS Expressive Strings - Exclusive to Launchkey, Spitfire Audio's Expressive strings gives you immediately realistic and expressive strings sounds. Offering control over release, delay and reverb, you can add colour to your tracks and songs by fading in experimental warped layers.
  • Klevgrand R0Verb - A hybrid combination of a simple reverb and a highly complex delay in an streamlined plug-in. Create your own reverbs and put your sounds in their own uniquely designed space.
  • Klevgrand DAW Cassette - Take your music back to the golden age of cassette tapes, with faithful recreation of  the saturation, distortion, noise and wobble characteristics.


  • Control Surface
    • 25x Minikeys
    • 1x Touch Strip for Pitch Bend with Centre Zero
    • 1x Touch Strip for Modulation
    • 8x Knobs
    • 16x RGB Backlit, Velocity Sensitive Pads
    • Transpose Buttons
    • Octave Up/Down Buttons (with Preset Function as Shift)
    • Play and Record Buttons
    • Arpeggiator, Fixed Chord Buttons
    • Stop/Solo/Mute Button
    • Scene Launch Button
  • Functions
    • MIDI Channel Selection
    • Capture MIDI Function
    • Tracks Function
    • Scene Down Function
    • Scene Up Function
  • Connections
    • USB Connector: USB Type-B
    • MIDI Out Connector: 3.5mm TRS MIDI Type A
    • Sustain Pedal Input: ¼" TRS
  • Software Compatibility
    • Ableton Live 10 or Later (Ableton Live Lite Included)
    • Logic Script, Reason Script, all other DAWs through HUI
    • Function as Standard MIDI Controller
  • Power: USB Buss Powered (Power Supply Not Included)
  • Dimensions
    • 330mm (W) x 172mm (D) x 40mm (H)

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 6 × 40 cm

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