Pearl CH-1030B Cymbal Boom Arm with Gyro-Lock Tilter

Brand: Pearl

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The Pearl CH1030B Boom Cymbal Holder features a newly designed Gyro-Lock tilter with a built-in percussion post, topped off with reversible cymbal cup that can be used to control the cymbal range of motion.

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A quick-release nut makes cymbal changes super fast while a new boom tilter with form-fit stop lock provides dependable angles. It’s cymbal arm allows for an incredible amount of positioning possibilities.


Gyro-Lock Tilter
Gyro-Lock Tilters are infinitely adjustable and provide 360 degree range of motion for precise positioning with one-step convenience.

Reversible Cymbal Washers
Our Felt/Foam Cymbal Washers allow four-way control of cymbal “ring” by mixing and matching the “hard” and “soft” surfaces of the washers.

WingLoc Quick-Release Cymbal Nut
(U.S. Patent # 6884015) Pearl’s WingLoc Quick Release Wing Nut snaps open and snaps closed for super quick removal and attachment.

Offset, Multi-Angle Boom
Supported by a strong locking ratchet, the offset tilter on 1030 Series mounting arms allows the boom to rotate to practically any angle.

Reversible Seat Cup
(U.S. Patent #6940006) The seat cup is specially designed for normal “floating” or reversed “locked” action to prevent noise during recording.


  • TILTER: Gyro-Lock; WingLoc Quick-Release Nut; Reversible Washers and Cup; Knurled Mounting Post
  • DIAMETER: 7/8" Post; 12mm Rod with Stop Lock

Watch: Pearl CH1030B Premium Boom Cymbal Holder

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Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 56 cm

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