Pearl Demon XR P3500D Machined Single Kick Drum Pedal

Brand: Pearl
SKU: PHP-3500D


The all-new Demon XR Kick Drum Pedal from Pearl Drums is the ultimate companion for lightening-fast kick drum performance. Developed in collaboration with some of the world’s greatest drumming talents, the stripped-back machine shop design delivers a faster, smoother stroke and superior rebound for extreme musical situations!

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For the ultimate performance in speed, rebound, and precision, the all-new Pearl Demon XR Kick Drum Pedal is a true triple-threat kick drum pedal. Standing for X-treme Response, the Pearl Demon XR was born out of two years of research and design with drummer George Kollias of technical metal band Nile. With a streamlined machine shop design and fluid direct-drive action, the Demon XR delivers a quicker, smoother stroke. Thanks to the exclusive interchangeable high-tension spring, this pedal's enhanced rebound action makes for effortless repeated strokes, perfect in extreme musical applications. Optimized with high-speed technicality in mind, the Pearl Demon XR is the ultimate solution for any style of drumming where accuracy and stamina are of the highest importance.


  • Artist Inspired, Artist Approved -Designed and tested in collaboration with extreme drummer George Kollias, Demon XR provides enhanced reverse rebound pull to deliver playing with incredible precision, free of resistance, resulting in superior repeated strokes.
  • X-treme Impact Beater - Constructed from aluminum, the beater head's smaller impact hammer is a flat synthetic material specifically made to achieve a comfortable rebound, high-impact power, and greater overall volume.
  • Direct Link Drive - The Direct Link creates the most seamless link between the drummer's musical ideas and their execution on a kick drum.
  • NiNjA Bearings - The bearings used inside Demon XR are designed for high speed and low resistance in skateboard wheels, and feature micro-polished steel balls, resulting in unparalleled smoothness and effortless performance.
  • Extreme and Standard Action Springs - Demon XR includes two easily interchangeable springs as standard for greater stroke rebound in high tempo single and double strokes.
  • Sleek Machined Aluminum Pedalboard - With a longboard constructed from machined aluminum, Demon XR delivers effortless, efficient movement for accurate performance, free of resistance for a greater double-stroke response.
  • Click Lock Tension Adjustment - The Click-Lock prevents the tension knob from coming loose, regardless of how hard you play. Just flip up for a simple adjustment, and re-lock in place.
  • Z-Link Universal Linkage - Featuring Pearl's exclusive Zero Latency Universal Joints, the Z-Link Drive Shaft is hand-built in the USA, and employs precision radial ball bearings and fluid framing for an immediate response and smooth performance, allowing your secondary pedal to respond with the same immediacy and precision as your primary.


  • Drive: Direct Drive
  • Footboard: Longboard, Machined Aluminum
  • Bearings: NiNjA Bearing
  • Spring: Extreme High-Tension Spring (Normal String Included)
  • Beater: X-Treme Impact Beater (B350XR)
  • Tension Adjustment: Click-Lock
  • Beater Angle: Uni-Lock BEATER ANGLE
  • Hoop Clamp: Pivoting Hoop Clamp
  • Hoop Clamp Tension Bolt: Wing-Bolt (Key-Bolt Included)

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 30 cm

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