Pig Hog 10ft Right Angle Instrument Cable – Tahitian Blue

Brand: Pig Hog


This high-quality instrument cable from Pig Hog uses a unique, rugged woven outer covering to maximize performance and reliability, gold plated 1/4″ connectors and a lifetime guarantee ensure pristine sonic integrity and years of use. 

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Pig Hog Vintage cables are deliberately overengineered to withstand the most intense touring conditions imaginable, in a range of styles and colors that give your rig a unique and vivid character!

Pig Hog cables are designed to deliver the quality performance at a great price point, because your cables need to sound great and reliably perform gig after gig. For this reason, these cables don't fray, and are resistant to kinks and tangles due to the high-quality 7mm woven jacket. Proprietary OFC conductor technology and rugged shielding provide pristine signal every single time, with no noise or interference.

Every cable is hand tested before it leaves the factory, and the quality is reinforced with a lifetime warranty to guarantee your Pig Hog Cables will a crucial part of your rig for years to come.

  • High performance instrument cable
  • Unique, high quality, woven outer covering
  • Gold plated 1/4"-1/4" right angle connectors
  • Right angle connector is designed to work with both flush mount and recessed input jacks
  • Custom molded barrels
  • Lifetime guarantee


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 3 × 30 cm

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