Promark Forward 5A Lacquered Hickory Wood Tip Drumsticks – 4 Pack

Brand: Promark


With an oval tip shape and a short taper, the ProMark Classic Forward 5A drumstick delivers a forward-weighted feel for greater power and playing comfort!

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For a timeless, front-weighted feel and incredible durability, the ProMark Classic Forward drumsticks are constructed from lightweight Hickory, resulting in a versatile all-rounder drumstick, a true testament to the time-tested legacy of ProMark Classic sticks.


  • American Hickory is the most popular wood choice for drumsticks due to its resilience, responsiveness, durability, and classic feel.
  • The ProMark Classic oval wood tip provides a full-bodied, warm tone suited for multiple applications
  • The ProMatch process ensures unrivaled consistency of weight and pitch from stick to stick, and pair to pair
  • All ProMark drumsticks are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

Additional Features

  • Forward - These sticks get their coveted into-the-drum playing feel from their front-weighted balance, emphasizing power and speed.
  • Weight Sorted - Wooden dowels are selected, sorted, separated, and matched together based on weight.
  • Precision Cut - Raw dowels are cut, shaped, lacquered, and treated using precise methods, resulting in fully-formed sticks.
  • Weight Matched - Finished sticks are paired by weight to exacting tolerances.
  • Pitch Perfected - Each stick is matched to the tightest possible pitch tolerances within any pair.


  • Diameter: 5A
  • Tip Material: Wood
  • Tip Shape: Oval
  • Length: 406.4mm
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Taper: Short
  • Material/Wood Type: Hickory
  • Finish: Lacquer

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 40 cm

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