Roland AX-Edge Keytar Black (AXEDGEB)

Brand: Roland


The AX-Edge Keytar has a sleek, modern design with a customizable look via interchangeable Edge Blades, 49 full-sized keys, and a sound set crafted specifically for keytarists.

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Today’s audiences crave dynamic performances that stand out. As an artist, you want to connect with your fans and take your moment in the spotlight. The AX-Edge builds on decades of refinement and learning from artists the world over about what makes the ultimate performance synthesizer. Throughout the AX-Edge, you’ll find thoughtful design features that give you the freedom and confidence to truly express yourself on stage.

Give Your Stage Presence the Edge

Stage presence is everything, and you work hard to develop your image as a solo performer or band. The AX-Edge is designed to not only look stunning on stage, but also to match your own unique style. It’s available in black or white, and each color has individual design elements that make it stand out, like the “none-more-black” keys and removable Edge Blades. The AX-Edge comes with an extra Edge Blade in the box (a silver Edge Blade for the black model and a gold Edge Blade for the white) and you can even create your own original designs. Create a look that complements your band’s style or swap out Edge Blades to keep things fresh.

From Stage-Ready Classics to Custom-Made Tones

We didn’t cram generic preset sounds into the AX-Edge—it has a curated sound set driven by our latest technology. The onboard sounds are optimized for stage performance to produce sounds that cut through, even in a loud band. Dedicated buttons for favorite sounds give you instant access to edgy leads, big fat basses, and all manner of keyboard sounds perfect for the performing keytarist, whether it’s taking a solo or sharing the limelight with your bandmates.

If you like to customize your sounds, you can connect to the AX-Edge editor app with Bluetooth MIDI and tweak your sounds wirelessly. Splits and layers let you take full advantage of the expansive, full-sized keyboard. And a wealth of stunning new effects, including a master compressor and EQ, give you polished, studio-quality tone in any venue. And thanks to the Tone Remain function, you can switch sounds seamlessly on stage without notes or effect tails being cut off prematurely.

Take Control of Your Performance—with Both Hands

Unlike keyboardists who perform behind a traditional keyboard rig, keytar players know the thrill of tearing it up right in front of their adoring fans. And when your moment comes, the AX-Edge gives you the hands-on control to nail your performance, giving it subtle nuance or over-the-top intensity. The AX-Edge’s neck controls, refined over years of development and artist feedback, are highly intuitive and truly take your performance to another level. While your right hand will appreciate the supremely playable keyboard, your left hand will love the modulation bar, pressure sensitive pitch ribbon, and easy-to-reach controls for portamento, hold, octave switch, and program change. If desired, many controls can be reassigned to functions that perfectly suit your performance style.

The Stage-Ready, Performance-Focused Powerhouse

As a gigging keyboard player, a lot can fall on your shoulders. You cover lots of different sounds and parts, often acting as the backbone of a performance and filling in any gaps. With this reality in mind, the AX-Edge has thoughtful performance features that aid you in the heat of battle. An innovative dual display system keeps you in command at all times, while the onboard arpeggiator and song player can handle backing duties while you concentrate on slaying your audience. And the built-in vocoder, which can be layered with internal sounds, is just the thing for unique backing vocals or funky, retro lead parts.

Modern Convenience

While they may not stand out as much as its striking good looks and killer sound set, the AX-Edge has several convenient features that greatly expand its usability for today’s keytarist. The USB memory function provides full backup capability, so you’re ready if disaster strikes. It’s also a capable master controller for rack modules or plug-in synths. And Bluetooth MIDI and nearly four hours of battery life* free you from wires, so you can throw caution to the wind and leave it all on the stage.


Product Specifications


Keyboard section 49 keys (Velocity compatible with after touch)
Sound source Synth-EX sound source
Number of parts 4 parts + vocoder exclusive part
Sound User program: 320
  Preset tone: 500 or more
  User tone: 256
  Part / Multi-Effect: 79 types
  Part · EQ
  Program · 79 different types of effects (IFX)
  Chorus: 8 types
  Reverb: 6 types
  Master Compressor
  Master EQ
Other Functions  
  Song player
  MIDI master · keyboard
  Sound edit
  Sound editing is also possible with "AX - Edge Editor" (Android version / iOS version)
  Ribbon Controller
  Modulation Bar Assignable
  Control Knob
  Master Volume Knob Assignable
  Button x 7
  After Touch
Bluetooth ® MIDI: Bluetooth ® standard specification Ver 4.1
Display 16 characters 2 lines Character LCD
  7 segments 3 digits (LED)
External memory USB memory
Connecting terminal  
  PHONES terminal (stereo standard type)
  OUTPUT terminal (L / MONO - R) (standard type)
  MIC INPUT terminal (standard type)
  PEDAL terminal
  MIDI connector (IN OUT)
  USB MEMORY terminal
  USB COMPUTER terminal (USB MIDI compatible)
  DC IN terminal
Power supply DC 9V: AC adapter or rechargeable Ni-MH battery AA size x 8
Current consumption 1000 mA
Battery life during continuous use approx. 4 hours
Battery type Use manganese only
  Instruction Manual
  "Safety Precautions" Flyer
  AC Adapter
  Power Cord
  Roland User Registration Card
  Blade / Panel (including Allen wrench/Screw)
  Ferrite Core (Including Band for Installation)
Optional items  
  AX - EDGE stand (ST - AX 2)
  Pedal switch: DP series
  expression pedal: EV – 5
Width (W) 1252 mm
Depth (D) 291 mm
Height (H) 85 mm
Weight 4.2 kg (excluding AC adapter batteries)

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 130 cm

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