Roland JV-30 Synthesizer 61 Key Stage/Performance Keyboard (Preloved)

Brand: Roland
SKU: SHG-ZD78526


Easy to use controls with a wide range of high-quality sounds and features, the JV-30 is sure to satisfy everyone from beginner to professional. It can even be used to create ensemble effects, by making use of it’s multi timbral capabilities.

Preloved – Mint Condition

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  • High Quality Sounds - From preset Tones to percussion sounds the JV-30 delivers
  • Multi Timbral function - 16 Part multi timbral synthesiser that is capable of taking full advantage of the capabilities of MIDI.
  • GS Format Compatability
  • Easy Operation
  • Four Key Modes - JV-30 Offers a total of four different key modes: Dual, Split, Fat, and Octave
  • Performance Button - The performance button can be used to obtain instantaneous changes in the JV-30's settings a convenient performance function
  • MIDI Controller Features - The unit is equipped with 3 sliders which act as MIDI controllers, allowing you to apply real-time expression to song data


  • Keys - 61 (with velocity)
  • Number of Parts - 16 (Two parts can be set in the drum part)
  • Maximum Polyphony - 24 (Voices)
  • Effects - Reverb, Chorus

Internal Memory

preset: 189
user: 128

Drum Sets -
preset: 9
User: 9

MT-32 Sets 0
tones: 128
Drum Set: 1

Performance: 8

  • Display - 16 Characters, 2 line


  • Output jacks (L, R)
  • Phones Jack
  • Pedal Hold Jack
  • MIDI connectors (IN, OUT, THRU)

Current Draw - 800 mA (9V DC)

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 100 cm

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