Roland SYSTEM-500 512 Modular VCO (SYS512)
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Roland SYSTEM-500 512 Modular VCO (SYS512)

Brand: Roland


The 512 Dual VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) is a single module consisting of two voltage controlled oscillators.

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Each independent VCO produces frequencies across a wide range with 1V/octave tracking and dedicated pulse, triangle, and saw wave outputs. Variable pulse width is available via panel control or CV modulation.

Each oscillator’s frequency can also be synchronized to the other in weak or strong modes to achieve a unique “sync” sound.

The SYSTEM-500 consists of Eurorack format modules that you can mix and match in any combination to create the ultimate Roland modular synthesizer. Each module is completely analog and has been designed for maximum compatibility with the world of contemporary synthesizer and effects modules. The SYSTEM-500 is a compact, powerful system that opens up vast possibilities for sound design and musical exploration.


Check out the SYS-512 in action in the video below:



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