Roland TM-6 Pro Trigger Module (TM6)
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Roland TM-6 Pro Trigger Module (TM6)

Brand: Roland


The TM6 Trigger Module is the professional’s choice for expanding your drum kit with an endless library of new sounds, ready to trigger on your kit.

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Life as a working drummer is not without pressure.

From one job to the next, you’ll be expected to move fast and find the perfect drum sound, satisfying your audience, fellow musicians, engineers and the all-important paying client. But that’s a big challenge when you’re playing a traditional kit. Acoustics can vary drastically from venue-to-venue.

Mixing engineers all take a different approach. You could be presented with unknown material with moments to spare, or asked to replicate the drum sound from a studio recording.

Life gets much easier when you add the Roland TM-6 PRO to your favourite acoustic drum kit. Smart, simple and discreet, this new trigger module gives you instant and reliable access to every drum sound in the book, on every stage you play.

  • Choose the Perfect Tone for Your Drumming Style from 500 Premium Sampled Sounds
  • Bring Expression to Your Playing with Onboard V-Drums Sounds
  • Recreate Signature Drum Tones from Studio Recordings
  • The Ambitious First Step towards a Hybrid Kit
  • Switch Sounds Fast in the Heat of the Gig
  • LED Indicators Give At-A-Glance Status and Complete Control
  • Improve Your Gigs by Playing Along With Backing Audio and Click Tracks
  • A Flexible Partner for Computer-Based Music Production


Watch: Introduction to the Roland TM-6 PRO Hybrid Drum Module

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