Roland VAD500 10″ V-Drums Acoustic Design Tom Pad in Metallic Sparkle (PDA100MS)
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Roland VAD500 10″ V-Drums Acoustic Design Tom Pad in Metallic Sparkle (PDA100MS)

Brand: Roland


V-Drums Acoustic Design Tom Pad With Full-Size Wood Shell And Dual Zones

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V-Drums Acoustic Design expands the V-Drums experience by blending the distinctive aesthetic of acoustic drums with Roland’s leading digital drum technology.

Every component realizes the authentic crafted appearance of high-quality acoustic drums, with full-diameter wood shells, deluxe shell wraps, and heavy-duty chrome hardware designed by Roland.

The PDA100-MS is a premium 10” tom pad with a full-depth wood shell for the most immersive V-Drums Acoustic Design experience.

Dual zones provide independent head and rim triggering, while the newly developed sensor system eliminates hot spots for accurate and even response across the entire playing surface of the head.


  • Premium 10” x 7” dual-zone tom pad with wood shell construction
  • Legendary Roland double-ply mesh head with adjustable tension for customizing the rebound and feel
  • Tom bracket included for mounting to standard acoustic tom holders
  • Independent head and rim triggers
  • Advanced sensor design eliminates hot spots for accurate playing expression and response
  • Midnight Sparkle wrap and custom chrome hardware


  • Shell: 10 (diameter) x 7 (depth) inches Wood shell
  • Finish: Midnight sparkle (Wrap)
  • Head: Top: 2-ply mesh head; Bottom: 2-ply mesh head
  • Triggers: 2 (Head, Rim)
  • Connector: Output jack
  • Allowable diameter of mounting rod: 9--13 mm (3/8-9/16 inches)
  • Usable pipe size: Not compatible
  • Dimensions: 295 (W) x 330 (D) x 210 (H) mm; 11-5/8 (W) x 13 (D) x 8-5/16 (H) inches
  • Weight: 2.9 kg; 6 lbs 7 oz
  • Accessories:
    • Owner's Manual
    • Connection cable
    • Drum key

Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 21 × 33 cm