Smart Acoustic DI10 Active Direct Injection Box
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Smart Acoustic DI10 Active Direct Injection Box

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In a compact and tough heavy-duty case the DI10 is a professional quality, reliable DI box.

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The DI10 is perfect for any Live or Studio solution for direct instrument or line level input into your mixing console.

The DI10 converts a Hi-Z instrument level signal or line level signal into a balanced low impedance signal.

The DI10 operates on either a 9V Battery or via your mixing consoles +48v Phantom Power which is shown by its intuitive indicator light.

You also get a 20dB Pad for high gain signals, a link connection to allow you to place the DI10 in front of your amplifier, and an Earth Lift to remove ground hums.


  • Heavy Duty Die Cast Metal Case
  • 20dB pad on input, earth lift.
  • Operates from a 9v Battery or via +48V Phantom Power

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 15 cm