Swamp Industries 16 Channel Multicore Cable with Stage Box – 8m

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8m long – This multicore and stagebox features 12 balanced XLR send channels and 4 balanced XLR or TRS return channels. The system includes a 16-core multicore cable with a robust metal stagebox housing and a inverse-gendered XLR breakout fan.

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SWAMP 16 Channel Multicore Cable w/ Stage Box
Features 12 XLR balanced send and 4 return channels. Instruments (DI Box) and microphones are plugged into the send inputs marked 1 to 12 on the stagebox. The signals are carried through the multicore to 12 corresponding XLR(m) number coded connectors. Typically used to connect performers on stage or in a recording studio to a mixing desk.

12 Input Channels
Featuring 12 input channels for sending microphone and instrument (DI Boxes) signals from the stage box to a mixing desk. Performers simply plug their microphone into their assigned channel number on the stage box.

4 Return Channels
Return channels are used to carry FOH (front of house) or AUX (auxiliary) signals from the mixer or out-board processing gear, back to the stage box. Return output channels R1 - R2 allow for connection via TRS, with R3 - R4 hosting XLR connections on the stage box.

Why choose a SWAMP Stage Box?
Put simply, we offer a quality product at an unbeatable price. SWAMP's multicore stage box range is constructed with materials that are durable, professional and most importantly maintain signal integrity.

What components are used?
Each channel in a swamp multicore cable features PE insulated twisted-pair conductors wrapped in a spiral ground shield with an additional foil shield before a PVC jacket. Perfect for noiseless operation with balanced audio signals. Industry standard Ningbo Neutrik Yongsheng connectors terminate each channel, to ensure our units can withstand the rigours of a touring show.


  • 12 Balanced Input/Send Channels
  • 4 Balanced Return Channels:
  • 2x XLR(m), 2x 1/4" (f) on stage box
  • 2x XLR(f), 2x 1/4"(m) on fan end
  • Connectors - Ningbo Neutrik Yongsheng:
  • Stage box (YS145, YS146)
  • Fan (YS136N, YS137N)
  • Copper Conductors: Twisted pair (0.10mm*20*2)
  • Shield: Spiral wrapped (0.10mm*30) + Aluminum Foil outer shield
  • Model: SMAC-12/4 (18mm O.D)
  • Box Dimensions: L 305mm x W 180mm x H 75mm

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 50 × 30 cm

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