Tama BD1465 Brann Dailor Signature Starphonic Snare

Brand: Tama
SKU: 6104128


The Brann Dailor signature snare drum comes from the drummer of the famous metal band Mastodon. Based on the popular Starphonic series, Brann’s snare features a 1.2mm bronze shell and is paired with a Grooved straight hoop.



This combination gives you a powerful, rich, sonorous sound with a sharp attack that drowns out any instrument. The 30-strand carbon steel snare wire ensures every detail is captured, perfectly complementing Brann's fast and intricate style. A unique finish inspired by the Statue of Liberty and an original vintage badge with the Mastodon logo provide a classic, premium look. This signature model is the perfect combination of sound and style.


  • 1.2mm Bronze Shell
  • Freedom Lug (8 Tension)
  • Grooved Straight Hoop & 30-strand Carbon Steel Snare Wires
  • 100pcs Available Worldwide


Made in Japan

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 41 × 25 × 41 cm

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