The Complete Drummers Guide – T. Jackson (RED book Upgrade) BK & CD

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This is the most popular book in the series, and can be summarised as: “Progressive Steps To Syncopation, Applied To The Drum Set.” So it’s like having The Ted Reed syncopation book, only applying the Ted Reed book to the drum set. That plus 5 other books, “All In One.” If you learn the contents of this book, you’ll be able to read any drum part, presented in any drum chart, drum book, or drum transcription.

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  • All of the rudiments (plus additional hybrid rudiments).
  • All of the reading subdivisions, presented firstly as basic snare drum exercises, ranging from quarter notes to 32nd notes and all of the subdivisions in between.
  • These basic reading exercises are then progressively applied to the drum set, in the form of grooves in nearly all musical styles (including: Rock, Blues, Shuffle Rock, Disco, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Half Time Shuffle, Jazz & Latin, etc.).
  • Then there's drum fill & soloing ideas, linear drumming patterns and odd times, etc.
  • Various Re-Work Concepts Ideas - (which turn the book into an open-ended drum set study).
  • And if that's not enough, there's 135 backing tracks, plus drum charts, as well as 12 additional free bonus backing tracks, plus drum charts.
  • Please note: the drum charts for these 12 additional bonus backing tracks, can be accessed within the separate booklet, which is included with all downloads of "The Complete Drummer's Guide (Full Version)."
  • Also included are 34 all-new percussion grooves, which can be utilized for playing all of the drum fills, drum soloing ideas, as well as, all of the rudiments along to, etc.

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