Vater VH5AAW American Hickory 5A Acorn Drumsticks – Wood Tip
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Vater VH5AAW American Hickory 5A Acorn Drumsticks – Wood Tip

Brand: Vater


Same specs as our top-selling Los Angeles 5A model but with a classic acorn style tip for a full and articulate cymbal tone.

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"To me, a 5A is the perfect size stick. It's just one of those things the drumming world got right. Combine that with an acorn tip and you've got what I feel is the perfect combination of size, balance, and articulation. Now that the Vater 5A Acorn is out, you won't find me playing anything else!" -Christian Paschal [Maren Morris]

"The 5A Acorn has the same weight and dimensions as the company’s popular Los Angeles 5A (.570"x16"), but the smaller, shorter tip offers a slightly fuller and more articulate tone. This is a definite go-to for a variety of gigs that require clean cymbal sounds, dynamic control, and quick response." - Modern Drummer Magazine

"From the studio, to a jazz gig, to a rock show, I'm totally covered by the ONE stick that can give me what I need every time...the Vater 5A Acorn." - Sean Winchester [Buckcherry]


  • Length: 16 " | 40.64 cm
  • Grip: 0.570" | 1.45 cm
  • Tip: Wood

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Dimensions 12.7 × 7.62 × 40.64 cm